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Ghoul! (Rotten Factory)

Hello everyone!Article dedicated to Ghouls today, creatures derived from legends and permanently domesticated in today's fantasy.I used a recently painted resin Ghoul model from Rotten Factory, which will be joining my nascent Undead band to Mordheim.Let me just remind you that the Kickstarter of Rotten Factory (which already has over 200%!) Is underway, in which you will find many great models of Undead, Barbarians, Cultists and more.

Ghoul, ghoula (Arabic: غول) - in the beliefs of pre-Muslim Arabia, the ghoul was identified with the evil spirit of the desert (also appearing in other isolated places, for example in cemeteries), a demon, usually of a female type, derived from Arabic folklore.        Ghouls lured, attacked and killed travelers (usually then devoured their victims) and robbed graves of the dead (hence the word ghoul also refers to grave robbers). They appeared in the form of animals (mainly hyenas), monsters or witches.

Witam wszystkich!Dziś a…

Wulfstan et Luna (Gripping Beast The Order Militant Hexenjager #2 )

I warmly welcome!I invite you to see another Witch Hunter from GRIPPING BEASTtoday.
The model comes from the same kit as the previously painted Klaus, and in my opinion is as cool as its predecessor. Such a historical Witch Finder.       The team of Genoese Witch Hunters will also be joined by an armed ones from Claymore Castings, which I painted some time ago. The first two have already been given names.       For dessert, I added the team mascot - Luna, a large black cat.
Yes, yes, it's such an original name for a cat as Draco is for a dragon, but I've always wanted a furry Luna, and that's what happened.I invite you!

Witam serdecznie!Zapraszam dziś do zapoznania się z kolejnym Łowcą Czarownic od GRIPPING BEAST.
Model pochodzi z tego samego zestawu co malowany poprzednio Klaus, i jest moim zdaniem tak samo fajny jak poprzednik. Taki historyczny tropiciel Wiedźm.
       Do drużyny Genueńskich Łowców Czarostwa dołączą również zbrojny od Claymore Castings, których malowałem jaki…

Klaus, the Witch Hunter captain (Gripping Beast The Order Militant Hexenjager )

Hello everyone!
I have just finished my first Witch Hunter from the new GRIPPING BEAST set, which is carved with reference to historical adventurers.
Additionally, the figure's face carving looks exactly like Klaus Kinski from the excellent AGUIRRE, THE WRATH OF GOD movie. As I have a practically finished MordheimWitch Hunters band of Warhammer models, this time I will create a historical Christian, hunters of all evil kinds.
I invite you!

Witam wszystkich serdecznie!Skończyłem właśnie pierwszego Łowcę Czarownic z nowego zestawu do GRIPPING BEAST, który rzeźbiony jest w nawiązaniu do historycznych awanturników.
Dodatkowo, rzeźba twarzy  figurki wygląda dokładnie jak Klaus Kinski z doskonałego filmu AGUIRRE, GNIEW BOŻY.Jako, że mam już praktycznie skończoną bandę Łowców Czarownic do Mordheim, złożoną z modeli do Warhammera, tym razem stworzę historyczno-chrześcijańską drużynę tropicieli zła wszelakiego.  

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Ian Miller’s Grim Tarock review

Good evening!The night is a great time to publish today's post. I recently received my copy of a very atmospheric Tarot with illustrations by one of my favorite artists - Ian Miller (graphics for Lovecraft, Tolkien books, fantasy games and many other Oldhammer gems).It was then, over 23 years ago, that I first encountered the artist's work when I bought a textbook for the first Polish edition of the WFRP. To this day, it is my cult position.What's in the Grim Tarock box?
78 cards with dimensions of 70mm x 120mm divided into the counterparts of the Major and Minor Arcana (more on this below) and a few additional cards / alternative versions of the World or, for example, the Fool.
Everything in a great atmospheric graphic design (in many designs such a combination of Lovecraft and Warhammer)
It is a deck of cards for playing, divination, or meditation.
The modern fortune teller tarot deck consists of 78 cards in two basic groups, known as the Major (22 car…