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POOR GUY NO.1 and GHOUL inboxing (Rotten Factory)

Hello everyone!In the last two weeks, I got some very nice models that would be worth unpacking for the blog.
At the outset, let me say that the new blogger sucks. I definitely don't like this new post maker.Returning, to the heroes of today's entry.
Every time I receive something from Paweł from Rotten Factor, I melt in praise!
It is no different this time.
The excellent quality of resin castings goes hand in hand with a very nice sculpture.The figures will be used as Dreg and Ghoul for the emerging Undead band for MoRdheim .. (but about this project for some time)

Witam wszystkich serdecznie!W ostatnich dwóch tygodniach dostałem trochę bardzo ładnych modeli, które warto by rozpakować na blogu. Na wstępie powiem, że nowy blogger SSIE. Zdecydowanie nie podoba mi się ten nowy kreator postów.Wracając jednak do bohaterów dzisiejszego wpisu.
Za każdym razem gdy otrzymuję coś od Pawła z Rotten Factor rozpływam się w pochwała…

Gildor Inglorion's scouts #1 (Oathmark Elf Light Infantry Champions)

I invite you to the post dedicated to Gildor today, one of the elves that Frodo meets on his way to Mordor.
The occasion was to paint three metal light archers from the Oathmark Elf Light Infantry Champions set.

The miniatures look great in my opinion - they are not heroic fantasy with exaggerated weapons and clothes. They are so more real.

"Courage is found in unlikely places."
-Gildor to Frodo
Gildor Inglorion
Was a Ñoldor Elf met by Frodo Baggins on the edge of the Shire, at the beginning of Frodo's venture out of his home.

On September 24, 3018, Gildor and a company of Elves were passing through the Shire, singing as they walked, and without realizing it they caused a Nazgûl who was seeking Frodo to flee. Gildor recognized Frodo, though they had never met, for he knew Bilbo.
He invited Frodo, along with Sam Gamgee and Pippin Took, to spend the night in the Elves' company. To the three Hobbits, Gildor and the Elves appeared to shimmer as they walked through the nig…