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[EN/PL] Mordheim Dwarf Troll Slayer

Hello everyone!
We will end May in dwarven and with a bang!
For a long time there was nothing to my dwarfs, and more generally another mercenary would be useful to Mordheim.
Trollslayer, one of my favorite designs. From what I remember GW released two Slayers to Mordheim. My design number 2 has a lot of different cool features and interesting details, and the general pose is also quite interesting and dangerous.
I invite you!

Troll Slayers are members of the morbid Dwarf cult whose followers are obsessed with seeking an honourable death in combat. 
       Having committed some unforgivable crime or been dishonoured in an irredeemable way, a Dwarf will forsake his home and wander off to die fighting the enemies of Dwarfkind.
       Troll Slayers are insanely dangerous individuals, psychopathic and violent.
However, there are few better fighters, so they are much sought after when
warriors are needed. Known as "Hired Axes",  Troll Slayers who come to Mordheim find plenty of opportunit…

[EN/PL] Mordheim Ogre Bodyguard (Dunkeldorf Miniatures)

Hello everyone!
It's time for a short break in historical projects for fantasy! Another great miniature from Dunkeldorf today. An Ogre sculpted in the atmosphere of a good old Warhammer.
Will perfectly match Old World games as well as other fantasy RPGs.

Ogres are large, brutish creatures, standing some ten feet tall, and all of it bone and muscle.
For this reason they are much in demand as bodyguards and mercenaries, despite their lack of brains. A warband backed up by an Ogre makes a fearsome enemy, since Ogres are extremely dangerous fighters and a terrifying sight to behold when enraged. 
They happily accept any employer, as they are notoriously unbothered about who they fight for.

Leopold the Ogre Bouncer works as the bouncer at "The Prancing Peacock" a popular tavern located in Dunkeldorf.
Get ready for UPCOMING KICKSTARTER "Dunkeldorf: The Prancing Peacock - RPG Tavern Miniatures".
In a while I will show a bit of this upcoming collection ;-)


[EN/PL] The Thirteen Years' War / Wojna Trzynastoletnia: Rudolf von Sagan's armed detachment / Rudolfa Żegańskiego zbrojny hufiec #1 (Perry Miniatures)

The third entry in turn about the Thirteen Years War (1454–1466) and the beginning of the third unit. First two:
Bernhard von Zinnenberg's mercenaries
Henrich Reuss von Plauen Junior and the Teutonic City Guards

       The riddle, what models did I use to present the prince along with his army bannerer?
Their English counterparts are a thousand times more famous, but fate treated all four equally...

III. Rudolf von Sagan
He was born between 1411 and 1418. Had the title of prince (years 1439-1454) of the independent Duchy of Żagań, which was then in Lower Silesia.

        The Duchy of Żagań established as one of the Polish district principalities during the period of regional division, located in the then south-west Poland.
It covered the western area of the Duchy of Głogów, from which it was separated in 1278. The prince's seat was the city of Żagań. It included Nowogród Bobrzański, Przewóz and Świętoszów. Until 1472 it remained in the hands of princes from the Piast dynasty.


[EN/PL] The Thirteen Years' War / Wojna Trzynastoletnia: Henrich Reuss von Plauen Junior and the Teutonic City Guards / Henryk Reuss von Plauen Młodszy i krzyżacka straż miejska #1 (Perry Miniatures)

I warmly welcome!
Remains in the times of the Thirteen Years' War of 1454–1466 today. After a group of mercenaries, I wanted to paint the first few Teutonic Knights. Again, I used models from Perry Miniatures from boxes of mercenaries from the period 1450-1500 and several parts from troops from Agincourt Foot Knights 1415-29 box.

II. Preparation for the clash near Chojnice.
The Kingdom of Poland, the Prussian Union and mercenary troops approached Malbork (Marienburg) and the siege of the capital of the Teutonic State began. At the same time, a thousand soldiers came to Chojnice, led by Henryk Reuss von Plauen, to another castle not yet captured in this phase of the war. He was an experienced knight, nephew of the Elbląg commander (future Grand Master of the same name, that's why they were often mistaken). His uncle at that time defended Malbork alongside the Grand Master.

       It is worth adding that the siege of the Teutonic capital by Poles and mercenary Czechs was greatly ineff…

[EN/PL] The Thirteen Years' War / Wojna Trzynastoletnia: Bernhard von Zinnenberg's mercenaries / Najemnicy #1 (Perry Miniatures)

Hello everyone!
Inspired by the project of Aleksander Gawroński about the Crown of Kingdom of Poland army during the Thirteen Years' War (also called the War of the Cities) in 1454–1466, I decided to build the second side of the conflict, the Teutonic Order (the bigger part were mercenaries
       Today, the first six pikemen from the mercenary army of Bernhard von Zinnenberg (Bernard Szumborski). This commander became very famous during the Thirteen Years' War serving the Teutonic Knights, but about him at the next opportunity (together with painted knights and himself).

I used plastic models from Perry Miniatures from boxes of mercenaries from the period 1450-1500 and several parts from troops from Agincourt Foot Knights 1415-29 box.

       Mercenaries, like mercenaries, will be quite diverse in color with a predominance of different colors - in the case of Bernhard von Zinnenberg's troops will be mostly red and black.

There will also be a unit from Silesia under the command …