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Republic of Genoa / Repubblica di Genova / Republika Genui #3 (Claymore Castings OT43 Pavasiers 1 #2)

Good morning!
The third (fourth) Pavasier from Claymore Castingsset.
I will tell you my dear, that I fell in love with these models. They have an unbelievable amount of very nice and sharp details that add a lot of charm to the models.

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Repubblica di Genova. History. Part II

In a naval battle near the island of Korčula in southern Dalmatia, which was part of the second of these wars, fought in 1293-99, the Genoese fleet managed to defeat the Venetian fleet (Battaglia di Curzola on September 8, 1298).
The Fourth War was decisive for the Genoese-Venetian wrestling, or Guerra di Chioggia in the years 1378-81, and within its struggle near the title city of Chioggia in the south of the Venetian Lagoon. It was soon taken by the Genoese in 1379, and then reflected by the Venetians after a siege of several months on June 24, 1380. During the…

Doriath Swordsmen elves #1 / Elfi Miecznicy z Doriathu (Oathmark Elves #2)

Not one, not two and not even three new elves today! Four brave elves with swords have arrived on the blog. Well over a year later, I returned to painting my company of Elves from Tolkien's Doriath.
         As in the PREVIOUS MABLUNG POST, I have now (and in the future) elf models from Oathmark: Battles of the Lost Age

The kingdom of Doriath was almost in the center of Beleriand. It was surrounded by the Ring of Meliana - a barrier through which evil could not pass. It covered the entire kingdom of Elu Thingol, that is, the forests of Neldoreth, the Region, Nivrim and part of the land of Aelin-uial, and Brethil and Nan Elmoth were in that kingdom, but these areas were not included in the Meliana Rim. The southern and eastern border of this land was the Aros River. The western border was the Sirion and Mindeb rivers.

       Doriath was founded by Elu Thingol, who married Meliana. The first man to go through the Hoop was Beren. He met Lúthien Tinúviel in the forest, in which he …

Antonio, El Mariachi & Diego 'El Capitan' Montoya (Anno Domini 1666)

Hello everyone!

A return to the atmosphere of Anno Domini 1666, a brilliant game from the Polish Wargamer today.
The game has many fantastic factions and heroes that it's difficult to choose another model to paint in this well-being!
That's why I painted two minis :)

Antonio, El Mariachi and Diego 'El Capitan' Montoya.
Of course, as with any entry associated with Anno Domini 1666, so now I ask for a little distance - AD1666 is a historical game with supernatural elements (Demons, Werewolves, Golems and many other characters from folk beliefs and legends) and other climate models known from books or movies.

Including the title Antonio, stylized on a musican from Mexico (played by Antonio Banderas). This, in turn, draws a full handful of real Mariachi, that is, from a kind of Mexican band/orchestra.
         Typical mariachi include a violin (the Antonia model has a case for the violin in which it carries guns), various types of guitars, mandolins and trumpets.


Chaos Dwarfs (Dawi-Zharr). Empire building #2 / Krasnoludy Chaosu. Budowa Imperium #2 (Norba Miniatures)

I invite you to another entry dedicated to Chaos Dwarfs today. I painted another two models from Norba Miniatures and this is a great opportunity to tell the story of Dawi-Zharr...

Description of models from the manufacturer can be found in the PREVIOUS ENTRY.

II. Empire building.
The first edict that Chaos Dwarfs met was the order to build the city of Zharr-Naggrund - the City of Fire and Void.

Dwarfs got to work, for the glory of Hashut, their savior. In the center of the city was supposed to be a gigantic tower in the form of an obsidian pyramid, on top of which was to stand a large altar built in honor of Hashut.
       Chaos Dwarfs were not naive and quickly realized that they were too few to realize everything that the Father of Darkness required. In the beginning they enslaved the greenskins, but they turned out to be treacherous and unworthy of trust.
So they began a series of experiments on captives, creating a new breed called the black orcs. But rebellion erupted quickly…

Back to the Mordor / Powrót do Mordoru (Orcs #1)

Oh my ... For the last time I promised in my blog that I would paint something of the Mordor orcs in ... 2016.
A lot of time, but I keep my word ;-)

       In the meantime I painted some Dwarves from the Durins folk, elves from the Mirkwood , Hobbits and Uruk-hai. The time has come for the next common orcs that were full from the first era in the history of the world to the War of the Ring (of only the living Galadriel of the Noldors remembers such distant times - Elrond is a bit younger.
Well, maybe Tom Bombadil, if you believe what he says that he lived much earlier than the first elves).

       I have no plans for the great army of Mordor, I will limit myself to one or two units of orcs subordinate to Sauron, with the emblem of the Red Eye.
And I will use old, good (let's say acceptable) GW orcs from 20 years ago. The sculpture of these plastics is quite coarse, but with a bit of desire you can create pretty neat paintings from them :)

        In addition to models of the ty…