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Amon Hen: Uruk-hai: Lurtz (LOTR movie) / Uglúk (LOTR book) #2 (Grabblecast Stumps with Mushrooms)

Hello everyone!
I return in part 2 to the mini project called Amon Hen, i.e. the battlefield of the Fellowship of the Ring with the Uruk-hai scouts. Place of Boromir's death and the kidnapping of Merry and Pippin.
The Uruk-hai scout commander Lurtz (actually according to Uglúk' in book) tracking the Fellowship of the Ring today.

Lurtz appears only in the movie adaptation of the Lord of the Rings.
According to the movie directed by Peter Jackson, he is the first, and at the same time the strongest and most aggressive of those created by Saruman's Uruk-hai. By order, he was to command the unit entrusted with the task of capturing Frodo.

       After training, he was appointed commander. It was equipped with light armor made of stiff leather. Thanks to this he could move quickly and be well protected. He used a long bow and arrows of warg lips. In addition, was armed with a shield and sword.

       Saruman entrusted him with the mission of pursuing the Fellowship and capturing ever…

Dwarf Treasure Hunters: Warriors #1 (MB1 Dwarf Regiment)

Hello everyone!

There have been a lot of historical entries in recent weeks, so today something different and a return to my favorite race from the Warhammer world and one of the most interesting from the fantasy world in general.

I decided to refresh my dwarf team a bit, or actually divide it into two parts - Dwarf Treasure Hunters and the Josef Bugman's brewery company.

The second will mainly consist of ranger warriors from various editions of the WFB (but about them on the next occasion!) while Treasure Hunters will be a traditional team of Dwarf Nobel, Engineer, Troll Slayers and warriors armed with common weapon and ranges ones (according to the Mordheim list).

Of course, I decided that the whole band should be made of old Games Workshop / Citadel / Maruder models (without any nasty Slayers from AoS) and I'm going to stick to it.
Today, three oldhammer spearmen(MB1 Dwarf Regiment) join the ready-made crossbowmen, the Thunderer, Trollslayer.

I invite you to photos!

Today also abo…

The Song of the Bows / Pieśn Łuków ( Claymore Castings English Archers )

Hello everyone!
A summary of two sets of archers (painted the last two!): English Archers 5  and English Archers 6from Claymore Castings today.
Company specializes in excellent metal models from the Middle Ages with an emphasis on the Hundred Years' War.
What captivated me was the excellent performances and poses of these figurines. We have both static models and full war scarves.

       I decided to paint the models in the same colors so that in the future they could create a one unit. And they can be successfully used in a whole range of historical and fantasy systems (you won't find better replacement Bretonians infrantry models!).
I RECOMMEND with all my heart.

This is obviously not my last adventure with models from Claymore Castings. More armed and ... Genoese mercenaries with beautiful pavies are waiting to be painted!

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About English archers at the Battle of Crécy / O Angielskich łucznikach w Bitwie pod Crécy (Claymore Castings English Archers 6 #1)

Another entry dedicated to excellent models of archers from Claymore Castings today.
Just like when discussing the previous set of 4 metal English archers, just like in this case, let me embellish photos of models with text about one of the battles in which such archers  took part.

The first two archers come from the English Archers 6 set.

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And now...

The Battle of Crécywas an armed clash that took place on August 26, 1346 between the English army of King Edward III and the French army of King Philip VI.

The battle was the result of fights for the succession to the throne of France, which was claimed by English rulers, and which went down in history under the name of the Hundred Years War.

       The battle began with a duel of English archers and Genoese crossbowmen, set up by Philip in front of the formation. The English came out victorious from this duel - their…