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[EN] Goblin Pirates ! (TITAN-FORGE: Deck Goblins #1)

This beautiful Thursday, I invite you to a meeting with green-skinned pirates from TITAN-FORGE from a project recently available on Kickstarter.

I have recently received several resin models from TITAN-FORGE:
Mercenary Cpt. Rodrigo De Ogra (who will join to my Averlanders as a mercenary ogre)Deck Goblins,climate (like Gork and Mork) goblin heroes,Dwarven Swashbuclers,
of which I decided to paint the first two goblin pirates.

The models look great. Fantastic quality of TITAN-FORGE details goes hand in hand with the idea of presenting the figurines' positions (goblins look amazing!)

If you don't know TITAN-FORGE yet, visit: now...

Witam serdecznie!
Zapraszam w ten piękny czwartek na spotkanie z zielonoskórymi piratami od TITAN-FORGE z projektu dostępnego niedawno na Kickstarterze.

Dostałem niedawno kilkanaście żywicznych modeli od TITAN-FORGE:
Mercenary Cpt. Rodrigo De Ogra (który dołączy do mojej drużyny z Averlandu j…

[EN/PL] Stirland. Part II. Inhabitants / Mieszkańcy (Deathjacks captain #1)

Following the blow, today is the second entry about the team from Stirland.
In the first part I presented some information about the land itself and its history, and today I will look at the population of this province of the Empire.

         For the entry I used the model of an old nobleman from Warhammer Quest, to whom I added a hat and repainted it to match the color of people from Stirland. I also changed the baseand added the name.

I invite you!

I. Stirland. Part I. History


"Bunch of bumpkins, if you ask me."
—Altdorf merchant

Stirland does not take kindly to strangers, Elves, or modern ways.
Descended from the Asoborn tribe of old, Stirlanders are a short, thickset people, much like their Ostermark neighbours.
Dark of hair and suspicious of strangers, their bloodline has remained one of the most pure within the Empire. Some folk point o…

[EN/PL] Stirland. Part I. History (Deathjacks champion #1)

Hello everyone!
I invite you to the first post devoted to the armed band from Stirland, province of the Empire today.
In the next entries I will present to you my Dears a bit of the history of this region and I will characterize the famous "Deathjacks" archers who will be my main inspiration in creating this team.

Below the first archer (from the box of imperial huntsmen - from the time when Warhammer was still Warhammer), once a photo of the next waiting to be painted.

Enjoy watching and reading!


"Tradition is there for a reason: it was found good and worth keeping. Change for change’s sake is a sign of Chaos, don’t you agree?"
- Stirland nobleThe Grand County of Stirland is a major and founding Imperial Province that lies within the eastern territories of the Empire of Man. Stirland is a rugged highland province famous for its rural bac…