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[EN/PL] Dead Marshes Spectre #2 / Widmo z Martwych Bagien #2

Hello Everyone!
Return to Dead Marshes with Gollum, Frodo and Sam today.In the PREVIOUS Part you could learn a bit about the history of this land, where it got its name from, and what event contributed to the appearance of specific ... inhabitants here.

To summarize, the Dead Marshes spread across the Dagorlad plain, north of Mordor, on the eastern shore of the Anduin.
Their name comes from the battle that was fought there on Dagorlad, in which great armies met: the people and elves of the Last Alliance fought against Sauron's forces.After the battle, the corpses of elves and people were buried on the plain, then flooded.That's how the title Dead Marshes were created.

        In the one of the chapter of Two Towers entitledThrough the marshes, a route of hobbit wandering: Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee, led by Gollum.
The Hobbits saw the dead underwater and vicious flames hovering over the swamps, which Gollum called the "candles of the dead."
Those who succumb to the f…

[EN/PL] Thorin's Company / Drużyna Thorina: Gloin, Bofur & Oin (Scibor Miniatures)

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Long, ah long I haven't painted anything from Scibor's Monstrous Miniatures. Therefore, it's time to make up for it and today I invite you to the first post about Tolkien's Thorin's Company.

        In this series, I will present the team of dwarves, and paint which is painted on, followers of the Lonely Mountain. In the first entry Gloin, Bofur and Oin. I painted the last two a few years ago and now I just changed the names on the bases to match the design.
      What is new is the dwarf model that will serve me as Gloin. Just painted, while maintaining the characteristic features to fit the rest.

I hope you like my idea of alternative dwarves from "Hobbit" by J.R.R. Tolkien.


Quest for Erebor
In TA 2799, Glóin was known to have fought in the Battle of Azanulbizar, the last battle of the War of the Dwarves and Orcs. In TA 2941, Glóin and his brother Óin, along with his cousins Dwalin and Balin, were among the Dwarves accompanying Thorin and…

[EN/PL] Dead Marshes Spectre / Widmo z Martwych Bagien

Hello everyone!
Today, a short break from the historical atmosphere for my favorite Lord of the Rings series. I decided to paint one of the models that I have already taken for over a decade.
        Many metal patterns of models that came out during the premiere of the movies and shortly after them have undoubted charm and great painting potential. I come back to them very, very kindly.

The Spectre is a creature haunting the Dead Marshes through where Frodo, Sam and Gollum passed in the Two Towers, on their journey to the heart of Mordor. They are not ghosts or zombies, and as Gollum used to say, something like specters: "You can't touch them, feel them. Maybe it's just shapes, without a body?"
But let's give voice to master Tolkien and the three heroes traveling through the Dead Marshes...

In the dark half-light, as far as the eye could see in south and east, wetlands and swamps stretched out before them. Fog stretched over the stinking backwaters, a suffocating odo…

[EN/PL] Northern Crusades. Prussia and Lithuania. Teutonic Order #3 / Krucjaty Północne. Prusy i Litwa. Krzyżacy #3 (V&V Miniatures Crusader box)

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On August 15, we celebrate in Poland the festival of the Rapture of the Saint Virgin Mary (Assumptio Beatissimae Mariae Virginis in caelum), so another two knights of The Order of Brothers of the German House of Saint Mary in Jerusalem (commonly known as the Teutonic Knights) from V&V Miniatures  from "Crusaders"box today.       Models, as I have mentioned many times, are made of resin and look perfectly. Beautiful quality and a multitude of details only emphasize the values of figurines.

If you don't know V&V Miniatures yet, check:

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Northern / Baltic crusades.
Konrad Mazowiecki's campaigns.

Konrad I Mazowiecki, the Polish prince of Mazovia, tried without success to conquer pagan Prussians during the…