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[EN/PL] Northern Crusades. Prussia and Lithuania. Teutonic Order #3 / Krucjaty Północne. Prusy i Litwa. Krzyżacy #3 (V&V Miniatures Crusader box)

Good morning!
On August 15, we celebrate in Poland the festival of the Rapture of the Saint Virgin Mary (Assumptio Beatissimae Mariae Virginis in caelum), so another two knights of The Order of Brothers of the German House of Saint Mary in Jerusalem (commonly known as the Teutonic Knights) from V&V Miniatures  from "Crusaders"box today.       Models, as I have mentioned many times, are made of resin and look perfectly. Beautiful quality and a multitude of details only emphasize the values of figurines.

If you don't know V&V Miniatures yet, check:

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Northern / Baltic crusades.
Konrad Mazowiecki's campaigns.

Konrad I Mazowiecki, the Polish prince of Mazovia, tried without success to conquer pagan Prussians during the…

[EN/PL] Merry & Pippin at Pelennor Fields (and the Westfalia Halflings kickstarter!) / Meriadok Brandybuck i Peregrin Tuk podczas bitwy na Polach Pelennoru.

Hello all!

Today, an entry for the ongoing KICKSTARTER "The Third Breakfast" from WESTFALIA.
The collection, which is already a BIG success, offers us beautiful, various designs of halflings.
I have already had the opportunity to paint a few minis from WESTFALIA(people and halflings) and I must admit that the (resin) models looks great.

Check for yourself:

On this occasion, I painted two halflings, whom I decided to style at least a little bit for Meriadoc and Peregrin, Merry and Pippin, from the Return of the King, more precisely from the battle of Minas Tirith, when the fate of separated friends intertwine again.
But from the beginning (well almost ...)

Peregrin I Took, nicknamed Pippin in his youth, was the youngest participant in the Fellowship of the Ring.
Together with Meriadoc Brandybuck, called Merry, was captured …

[EN/PL] Mordheim: Witch Hunters: Flagellants #2 / Łowcy Czarownic: Biczownicy #2

Hello everyone!
Admittedly, I had plans to finish three new Flagellants, not one, but the flood of work-related matters that waiting after the holidays took me away physically and mentally, and my eyes needed rest :-)
       I am returning to my Witch Hunter project today.
Previous entries about this atmospheric band in the damned Mordheim under THIS LINK
The models that I decided to use are 6-edited metal Flagellants from the Empire army.
BTW my favorite designs from all editions of this unit in WFB.

Today, the text refers directly to the history of Flagellants
I invite you!

Flagellants  are the same name of members of religious brotherhoods, existing from the thirteenth to the fifteenth century.The countries in which they mainly carried their news and bloody sacrifices were Italy and Germany.Then also Spain and Poland joined.In our "pious" country for centuries, public whipping has been practiced as a form of repentance for grave sins.

The name Flagellants came from the Latin flage…