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[EN/PL] Blackbeard's Pirate crew #1 / Załoga piratów Czarnobrodego #1 (Black Scorpion Miniatures and Grabblecast)

Ar, ar you land rats!
Today I invite you to the first entry associated with the pirates under the command of Blackbeard, an English pirate who in the years 1716-1718 prowled in the Caribbean Sea.
       He was one of the most dangerous pirates of his time. A few more words about the that sea devil in the third post (along with my version of the model) and today the first two bad guys, types from under the dark star and gentlemen of a shameful reputation! Lucky Jack and Mr Gambling!

I used for the entry:
brilliant models (which many people have already asked about me) made of resin, with a lot of great details and very nice general appearance. LINK to Black Scorpion Miniaturesthe boat that I got from my friends from Grabbleast. It consists of four elements and is also made of resin (many manufacturers can envy the Grabblecast quality of its components for mockups and models!)

Ar, ar szczury lądowe!
Dziś zapraszam na pierwszy wpis z związany z piratami pod dowództwem Czarnobrodego, angielskie…

[EN/PL] SPQR - Warlord Games: Lucius Vorenus and Titus Pullo (Warlord Games)

Hello everyone!
The story of two centurions from the 11th Legion (Legio XI Claudia) in the army of Caesar today.
The great leader mentions brave soldiers (also known from the TV series Rome) in the work "Gallic War"

And it's Caesar's voice today ...

"In that legion there were two most gallant centurions, now not far from the first class of their rank,6 Titus Pullo and Lucius Vorenus. They had continual quarrels together which was to stand first, and every year they struggled in fierce rivalry for the chief posts. 
One of them, Pullo, when the fight was fiercest by the entrenchments, said: "Why hesitate, Vorenus? Or what chance of proving your pluck do you wait for? This day shall decide our quarrels."
 So saying, he stepped outside the entrenchments, and dashed upon the section of the enemy which seemed to be in closest array. Neither did Vorenus keep within the rampart, but in fear of what all men would think he followed hard. 
Then, at short range, Pullo se…