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[EN/PL] Dwarf Treasure Hunters: Dwarf crossbowmen / Krasnoludzcy kusznicy #1

I warmly welcome!
As part of the rest from the historical projects of the Crusaders and Ancient Greece,  two classic models of dwarf crossbowmen today.

As there are many non-original models, and copy-lovers (who admit it themselves!), I would like to point out that my little ones are 100% original GW models, actually Marauder Miniatures. Both designs come from 1990, and were sculpted by Aly Morrison and Colin Dixon.

The first dwarf could successfully serve at one of the royal troops as a commander in the years of splendor of dwarven kingdoms. Now he can be the captain of imperial crossbowmen, bitterly mentioning old times.A second crossbowman with a different appearance from his companion, which I expressed in a different painting, looks like a hunter or ranger from Tyrol or other mountain region of Germany and Switzerland.

Both models I like very much both models, have huge tracts of charm (which is not to be found in AoS or WFB from edition 7 up) and will proudly feed the ranks of my Dw…

[EN/PL] Mortal Gods: Mercenary Hoplites / Hoplici #1

Hello everyone!

In addition to the recently shown Athenians, simultaneously working on mercenary Hoplites, one of the less powerful Polis.
Therefore, today the first painted base (and some bonuses) from the CORE BOX described some time ago for the Mortal Gods game, treating the conflict in ancient Greece.

Plastic minis attached to the basic set can also be found in the Mercenary Armoured Hoplites 5th to 3rd Century BCE from VICTRIX LTD.
They look beautiful and are definitely my favorites among plastic historical models.

The official Mortal Gods group:
Polish system group:


Hoplites, the heavy infantry fighting in close formation called the phalanx were
a common view of the battlefields in ancient Greece in the mid-seventh century BC.

The hoplite troops were made up of free, wealthy citizens of Greek cities, that is, polis and peasants …

[EN/PL] The first folk crusade. Part IV. Expedition of Peter the Hermit and Walter without Property (1096) / I Wprawa ludowa. Część IV. Wyprawa Piotra Pustelnika i Waltera bez Mienia (1096r.) [V&V Miniatures: Pilgrims 1 set #2]

I invite you today for the fourth entry related to the folk expedition that preceded the First Crusade.
The entries received from V&V Miniatures - the next two from the set "Pilgrims"

That's why I love models V&V Miniatures (I painted a V&V Viking a few years ago and Pilgrims 2 box):
excellent quality of details (probably the best on the market in historical models made in resin in 28 mm),interesting poses that are certainly not boring.Miniatures can act as Pilgrims, Monks, poor brothers, beggars ... and they can be used in many battle wargames.
For some time I leave my brothers' painting for ...Crusader knights :)

If you dont know V&V Miniatures yet, check:

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The road to Con…

[EN/PL] Amon Hen: Uruk-hai #1 (Warhead Studio Ancient Hands #1)

I greet you warmly!

I come back to the work of J.R.R. Tolkien in the form of orcs today! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, as Saruman used to say, "The Orc era has come!"

        The more important reason, however, was my shame. I've bought a group of Uruk-hai scouts, a good year ago, that would be nice to paint and join the forces of evil.
       I decided to make a mini project divided into 3 parts with orcs from Isengard under the name Amon Hen, which is the place of the Battle of the Followship of the Ring with the orc unit. The place of Boromir's death and kidnapping of the hobbits...

To today's entry I have also added two elements of the wargaming terrain from Warhead Studio, which perfectly fit me to the ruins of the former watchtower of Gondor guarding the northern extremities of this land.

I encourage you to take a look at this manufacturer's offer. It has many great elements of terrain and bases: Studio FB

Amon Hen. Part I. Uruk-…