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[EN/PL] About Viking runestones / O kamieniach runicznych Wikingów (Warhead Studio Runic Stones #1)

I invite you to watch the first runestones that you can find in the Warhead Studio offer. I recently received a package from sets from a polish producer of terrains, scenery and bases, and I must say that it is VERY good.

       Described today set divided into two parts. In this version, 3 out of 5 runic stones.
Set of Runic Stones casted in resin perfect for those Viking raids in game of Saga, Hail Caesar or other historical games from Dark Ages. Runic Stones can be used as a stand alone piece of terrain, part of bigger diorama, objective or as a scenery piece for a base.

I encourage you to look through the expanding range of Warhead Studio:

And a handful of facts. Part I

The runestones were created mainly in the years 200-1100. The runes were also used later in some isolated regions of Sweden and Norway, but the runestones ceased to basically engraved before 1100. They have survived in the entire Nordic culture are…

[EN/PL] Terrains4Games kickstarter review. Houses and terrain elements. / Recenzja zbiórki od Terrains4Games. Domki i elementy terenu.

Hello to you!
The last hours of KICKSTARTERare passing (have been a little more days at polish WPIERAM.TO), with whom the well-known Terrains4Games.

        Play in Bolt Action? In Warhammer? The Napoleonic Wars in 1/72 scale? World War II in 15 mm? Or maybe you need a village to play your favorite RPG system?
        A farm or village from Terrains4Games will consist of laser cut HDF buildings, and unlockable additional targets will add items for free at each new level (resin casts, decorative elements, grass, trees).

       I invite you to look at three houses today (one already finished and painted) with the Prussian wall (framed with wood) can be seen in historical or fantasy movies, but also in reality. They can still be found on the Polish coast or in Lower Silesia.
       Many are preserved in Germany and Austria, so the models will be suitable for many ages and areas.
The second reviewed product will be a set of three terrain elements.
Terrains4Gameschosen three most popular scales: …

[EN/PL] Mortal Gods core box set inboxing and painted Promachos miniature.

Hello to you!
I unboxing the first of the recently received sets from FOOTSORE Miniatures & Games today and it is:

Mortal Gods core box set (+ limited hero model),and next I will take for Athenian Lochos - Box Set.
To unboxing also was not too boring (model kit can already be familiar with the ancient Greeks sets of Victrix) painted model of a hero (Medium Promachos 1), which also suddenly found himself in my package
(Thanks guys and mr A. !) :)
I invite you!

Mortal Gods is a new game from Footsore Miniatures & Games (formerly War Banner), the people behind Gangs of Rome, scheduled for release in early 2019.

        Greece has proven her might and the forces of the vast Persian Empire have been repulsed. Each City-State believes it played a key part in the victory and this new found pride has brought about rivalry, greed and conflict.
       Generals and statesmen vie for power and wealth in the chaos, risking exile or execution while the boldest and ambitious gather to them their Ho…