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[EN/PL] Necromancy and dark magic in Ancient Greece. Part I / Nekromancja i mroczna magia w Starożytnej Grecji. Część I (Wargames Atlantic Skeleton Infantry #1)

I greet you warmly!
I invite you to an entry dedicated to Ancient Greece today. There were 2 issues involved:
First of all: I'm painting models from the new box from Wargames Atlantic
"Skeleton Warriors" in the climate of ancient Greece this time.

       This hard plastic box set allows you to build up to 32 Skeleton Warriors equipped with bow, spear, sword, or pike and with options for full command.
Builds include up to: 8 bow men, 8 pikemen, 8 swordmen, 24 spearmen or many combinations.
"Skeleton Warriors" box set is compatible with the forthcoming Mythic - the fantasy version of Mortal Gods!

And second:Mortal Gods. My new love, game set in the realities of Ancient Greece. I'm waiting for my Athenian Lochosset now, and in the meantime I am painting my Greeks, whom I painted ... 6 years ago! The effect in the pictures below.

And in a descriptive version, I invite you to the first part of the de…

[EN/PL] Two Cases from Miniatures Art Team / Dwie Walizki od Miniatures Art Team

I greet you warmly!
Today I invite you to review the excellent sets necessary for each player from the MiniaturesArtTeam crew.
MiniaturesArtTeam is a company which designs and manufactures accessories and models for players and hobbyists. They take care to make the best products to please clients. 

       They create mostly in wood materials and high quality resin. All products are handmade manufactured with care to keep the best quality for clients.
You can also submit your wishes to projects, such as the LOGO of your BLOG, VLOG, WEBSITE or COMPANY. Sample request for the needs of my site can be found in the pictures below.

Witam Ciebie serdecznie!
Dziś zapraszam do recenzji znakomitych zestawów, niezbędnych dla każdego gracza od załogi MiniaturesArtTeam
MiniaturesArtTeam to firma, która projektuje i produkuje akcesoria oraz modele dla graczy i hobbystów. Dbają o to, aby tworzyć najlepsze produkty, które zadowolą każdego Klienta. 
       Tworzą głównie w materiałach drewnianych oraz w wyso…

[EN/PL] The Wait is Over. 28 MAG is Here / Koniec czekania. Magazyn 28 już jest

Hello friends!
Today, an entry encouraging to read the contents of the new (first!) magazine by hobbyists for hobbyists.
A great treat for fans of dark varieties of Warhammer, Age of Sigmar, Mordheim, Inq28, Necromunda..
The quintessence of the GRIM & DARK

Well, of course, I would not be like if I did not show off my little episode ;-)
It is a great honor to share a page with wonderful painters and graphic artists!

28 is a digital magazine that focuses on unique and personal projects of the Warhammer hobby. It is released bi-annually and, as an entirely not-for-profit venture, is completely FREE TO DOWNLOAD! You can find the latest edition in the VOLUMES section.

28 Facebook page and Instagram


Cześć przyjaciele!
Dzisiaj wpis zachęcający do przeczytania zawartości nowego (pierwszego!) magazynu robionego przez hobbystów dla hobbystów.
Wspaniała uczta dla fanów ciemnych odmian Warhammera, Age of Sigmar, Mordheim, Inq28, Necromunda...

[EN/PL] The Dark shadow of Gilles de Rais / Mroczny cień Gillesa de Rais ( Herman Geizhals, Dunkeldorf's Burgomeister - Dunkeldorf Miniatures)

Hello to everyone!

Today, next entry dedicated to minis from the Dunkeldorf Miniatures line, which currently being a Kickstarter and makes 1000% of the standard! I will present the model of Herman Geizhals, mayor of Dunkeldorf, about which you can read something in the following link:

Dunkeldorf Kickstarter!

The team behind Dunkeldorf consists of Nicki & Nana from King Games (A Miniatures & Hobby webshop based in Denmark), whose vision and ideas of Dunkeldorf are being brought to life in the form of artwork from the talented Mustafa Bekir at Spevna Studios.
Awesome sculpts by Sonny Bundgaard.

Check also:

My Dear Visitor I will focus today in a descriptive version on the French aristocrat and knight Gilles de Rais Gilles de Rais was born probably in September 1405 in Champtocé-sur-Loire. After the death of his parents around 1415, he was under the protection of his godfather, Jan of Craon, a politician and bandit. In…

[EN/PL] The first folk crusade. Part II Slaughter of the Jews (1096) / I Wprawa ludowa. Część II Pogrom Żydów (1096r.) [V&V Miniatures: Pilgrims 2 set #2]

Hello everyone!

I invite you to the second entry associated with the first folk crudade, which will be used for models received from V&V Miniatures today. As the first I will unboxing and painting a set of "Pilgrims 2" in two parts.
That's why I love models V&V Miniatures (I painted a V&V Viking a few years ago):
excellent quality of details (probably the best on the market in historical models made in resin in 28 mm),interesting poses that are certainly not boring.Miniatures can act as Pilgrims, Monks, poor brothers, beggars ... and they can be used in many battle wargames.

If you dont know V&V Miniatures yet, check:

I. The history of first folk crusade

Part II Emich began the crusade of May 3 assault on the Jewish community in Speyer, but the local bishop took the Jews under his protection. As a result, only thirteen members of the commune were killed. The bishop saved the rest. On May 18, the …