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[ENG/PL] Summary of A.D. 2019 / Podsumowanie Roku Pańskiego 2019

Welcome everyone to the summary of 2019!
A bit happened on the blog. There were historical and fantasy entries. From antiquity to Mordor from Tolkien's Middle-earth
There were some unboxings, a lot of miniatures from sponsors (much more is waiting in line), but everything was painted with great pleasure!
I plan similarly in 2020 ...

Thank you for each comment, entry, sharing and support!It's very nice, motivating and encouraging!

All the best in 2020! Health, happiness and mountains of miniatures and models to paint ;-)


Witam wszystkich serdecznie w podsumowaniu 2019 roku!

Trochę się działo na blogu. Były wpisy o charakterze historycznym, były i fantasy. Od starożytności po Mordor ze Śródziemia Tolkiena.
Było trochę unboxingów, sporo figurek od sponsorów (drugie tyle czeka w kolejce), ale wszystko malowane z…