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[EN/PL] To be or not to be a Lost Children #1 / Być czy nie być Utraconym Dzieckiem #1 (Rotten Factory / Rotten Circus)

Hello everyone!
Blogs are falling, bloggers are falling into dejection, complaining and despair, but DwarfCrypt invites you to a new post every week!

Today, again thanks to the kindness of Paweł from ROTTEN FACTORY, I invite you to look at the next models from the Rotten Circus project. There were the first Cultists and today the Lost Children.
Perhaps these were true children who were kidnapped once and who under the influence of Dark forces underwent devilish metamorphosis? Or maybe they are small malicious demons, which macabre the life of knights, warriors and other adventurers in a macabre way?

My first association with the two of painted today is Hamlet by William Shakespeare.
This is my favorite work of the English poet, and the miniatures remind me of the macabre scene from Act V, when the action moves to the cemetery, where they copy the grave of two gravediggers...

- "Are they really going to give her a Christian burial after she killed herself?"
Ask first gravedigger.

- &…

[EN/PL] The thing about Gnomes / Rzecz o Gnomach (Northumbrian Tin Soldier The Beardfolk #2)

Hello everyone!
It's weekend. So there is a new entry on DwarfCrypt! I am very pleased to introduce you
Dear visitors, another two dwarves from the "Beardfolk" series received from David from Northumbrian Tin Soldier
This time is a Shaman and beard warrior miniatures.

Today I would like to tell a little about the history of Gnomes in European folklore.
Gnomes, creatures similar to Dwarves and Kobolds. And I could end it, because ... gnomes have never been in legends and myths :)

       In the XV century, a physician, charlatan and alchemist known under the pseudonym Paracelsus invented the gnomes as a manifestation of the Earth Elemental. There is nothing about hooded dwarves, miners and treasures hidden deep underground. These Elementals turned into stone after contact with the sun's rays.
Known for fantasy, today's gnomes, is the invention of nineteenth-century writers. At that time, the American Nathaniel Hawthrone in the collection Twice-Told Tales from 1837 determi…