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[EN/PL] The Story of Brian Boru / Historia Briana Śmiałego (Footsore Miniatures)

Hello everyone!
I return today to the colorful history of early Medieval Ireland and give another story about the retreat, bravery and deeds that are permanently inscribed in the pages of the history of the Green Island.

The models painted today, the army standard bearer and Brian Boru come from one of my favorite producers of metal historical minis - Footsore Miniatures.

The banner is the work of Little Big Men Studios.


The line between Irish Legend and Irish Myth has often been blurred, especially as the retelling of heroic deeds has been passed on through generations. 

       Brian Boru was no legend although his life deeds were legendary. He was very much a real man and was in fact the last great High King of Ireland and perhaps the greatest military leader the country has ever known. 

       Brian Boru was born Brian Mac Cennétig. He mother was sister to the mother of Conor, the King of Connaught. 
His brother, Mahon, had become King of …

[EN/PL] Tauriel and the Mirkwood Elf Rangers / Tauriel i elfowie z Mrocznej Puszczy

Hello everyone!
At the beginning, the word of explanation. I consider the Hobbit novel, the pen of Master Tolkien, to be one of the most important and the greatest fantasy works. I am a fan of every word, each character and event, which stands in opposition to the movie, which I like very much on average.
I did not like the idea of the director to add to the original masterpiece a few threads and characters just like Tauriel, an elf who is in vain to find on the Hobbit's pages.

        Tauriel appears in the The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug and the Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies movies and for Tolkien's fans was quite controversial, although the beauty of actress Evangeline Lilly rewarded at least part of this experiment.

       Peter Jackson, his wife and friend Fran Walsh, invented Tauriel to expand the world of elves from the Mirkwood Forest and introduce a female character to a male-dominated cast.

        I decided, because a character with this name would perfectly…

[EN/PL] Again about Hobbits and the Battle of the Green Fields / Dalej o hobbitach i o Bitwie na Zielonych Polach (Westfalia Halfmen Peasant Militia 1)

Hello everyone!
Today I invite you to the entry devoted to halflings, which quite often host in the pages of DwarfCrypt.
I received models from  WestFalia  and are made of resin and consist of one part. 
Halfmen militia received round stands, as did the previous one in the company - Captain Strong.

I encourage you to like the company and check the latest in the ongoing kickstarter:

And now...

The Battle of Green Fields was a clash /in 2747 on the Third Age at the Green Fields, between the Orcs commanded by Golfimbula, who during the Lean Years led his band southward and reached the North Shire Quarters.

        Hobbits were commanded by Bandobras Tuk. Hobbit was known for its exceptionally large height, as it measured 4.5 feet. Thanks to this he could ride a horse, which was unheard of for the Hobbits - those who preferred ponies.
Many of his descendants lived in North Quarter. They initiated the Tuk family from the North.
For Bilba Baggins - hero o…