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[EN/PL] A few words about hobbits and Wargs! / Słów kilka o hobbitach i Wargach! (Grabblecast's Stumps with Mushrooms)

Hello everyone!

We have another weekend, so a new entry on DwarfCrypt coming.Today, thanks to Grabblecast friends for a set, I invite you to the next article about hobbits from the of J.R.R.Tolkien.

       The reviewed elements are resin tree trunks from the set (Stumps with Mushrooms), which you can use on mockups, dioramas or miniatures bases. Especially for this occasion, I painted a few sample models and placed them on stumps - you can see the final effect below.
'Stumps with Mushrooms' consists of 5 resin stumps overgrown with a wood hub.
Cast elements are very nice, and the sculpture will satisfy every player and collector.
I will return to the set on the occasion of the next models for Wood Elves (or Wargs!),
And today ...

The Hobbits, despite their short stature, are relatively strong. If they only exert themselves, they can lift their weight equal to their weight, and sometimes even heavier things!
Halflings are not masters of climbing, but easily climb the trees and keep …

[EN/PL] Mordheim stories: Rotten Cultists / Opowieści z Mordheim: Zgnili Kultyści #1 (Rotten Factory / Rotten Circus)

Hello everyone!
Today, the return to the Mordheim, city of the Damned. All thanks to Paweł of Rotten Factory, who with the help of inhuman talent created wonderful models for ROTTEN CIRCUS, his new project .
DwarfCryptwas the first to receive the models of the upcoming Cultists and the more I am pleased to invite my Visitors to the first entry in which I will show the raw state of these resin works of art, and share my idea to use this plague troupe.
The models shown and many, many other equally beautiful miniatures can be purchased at the crowdfunding:

At the time when I was telling this story, the Empire was devastated by bloody civil wars and the Emperor's throne was empty. Then various powers and factions fought for power.
In 1999, a comet with two tails was seen in the sky, a symbol of the god and the creator of the Empire - Sigmar.

       Astronomers predicted that it would fall in the capital of Ostermark, Mordhe…

[EN/PL] Jarl Sigvaldi Strut-Haraldsson (Footsore Miniatures)

Hello everyone!
It was long time since entry about  Vikings, which is why I invite you to a story about one Jomsviking. A man who was evil and two-faced, with a wicked character.   Welcome to the story of Jarl Sigvaldi.

To today's entry I prepared a special miniature received from Footsore Miniaturesspecializing, among others, in figurines from "dark ages" but not only.
If you do not know it yet, check them out!
Jarl Sigvaldi was the semi-legendary chieftain of the fabled Jomsvikings and commander of their stronghold - Jomsborg. He succeeded Palnatoke as the leaders of the Jomsvikings in the late 10th century. The character of Sigvaldi remains largely enigmatic. As a leader, he was said to be more wily than brave despite leading such a powerful force,

       Sigvaldi Strut-Haraldsson was the son of Jarl Strut-Harald, who ruled over the Danish territory of Scania and the brother of Thorkell the Tall, And cousin to Swedish Jarl Wiffen.

 In order to win Astrid, the daughter of…

[EN/PL] "We cannot get out" / "Nie możemy się wydostać" (Khazad Guards #1)

"The world is grey, the mountains old, The forge's fire is ashen-cold.."- Song of Durin. Fragment.

Gimli sang to his companions while wandering through the underground fortress of the dwarves in Moria (Khazad-dûm). The song, though it is exalted and full of nobility, is bitter in its expression and casts its shadow over the former power of the small people.
The Fellowship of the Ring stood next to the tomb with the name engraved:

Among the bones and rotten, decaying boxes Gandalf lifted an old book - dwarves chronicle conducted in the 2989 - 2994 years by members of the expedition to Moria.

Before the Expedition.
After the killing of the dragon and the Battle of the Five Army in Ereborn, peace prevailed, and the members of the city under Lonely Mountain became wealthy again.
The dwarves, under the rule of Daina II of Iron Foot, grew stronger and possessed the right to rule over Moria's mines. The king, however, was not a supporter of the ex…