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[EN/PL] Hugues de Payns (Hugo de Payens), the first Templar / pierwszy Templariusz

Hello everyone!
Today I invite you to the entry dedicated to one of the most famous Templar and the founding fathers of the Order. I used the miniature of Sir Galahad (and the squire) from a series of models stylized to the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail from Studio Miniatures.
The model looks fantastic - just like the mentioned comedy of English masters of humor!
I invite you!

Hugues de Payns was a French crusader and the first grand master of the Templar knights in 1118-1136. He was born in 1080 in Troyes (Champagne), and his family belonged to the vassals of the local counts. He was the owner of Montigny-Lassage and the estate near Tonnerre.
Hugues was married and had a son, Tybald, who later followed in his father's footsteps and became a Templar. His wife came from the de Montbard family - was a relative of Saint. Bernard and Andrew de Montbard.

       In 1104 and 1114, de Payens accompanied Count Hugon of Champagne in expeditions to the Holy Land. On the other hand, he did …

[EN/PL] My most beautiful miniature! / Moja najpiękniejsza miniaturka!

Susan / Zuzia born / urodzona 21.07.2018

[EN/PL] A few words about medieval demonology / Słów kilka o średniowiecznej demonologii (Grabblecast Summoning Circle)

Hello everyone!
Using the moment of free time a new entry faster today than it was planned. I invite you today to enter to medieval demonology, or knowledge about summoning demons, but not only.
The main inspiration for today's entry is the element of the terrain received from GRABBLECAST, with the sinister-sounding name "Summoning Circle"

       The element is made of high quality resin and in addition to the stone circle with mysterious characters engraved, there are candles and a book. We can successfully use this Circle in fantasy and SF games as a climate element of the terrain. Only the imagination limits you!
Below are some pictorial photos of the terrain with painted models (including the new painted Poxwalker!).
And now...

Medieval practitioners believed they could accomplish three things with demonology: will manipulation, illusions, and knowledge:

Will manipulation affects the mind and will of another person, animal, or spirit. Demons are summoned to cause various a…

[EN/PL] Nyarlathotep, Dark Emissary / Mroczny Emisariusz

"- a tall, lean man of dead black colouration but without the slightest sign of negroid features: wholly devoid of either hair or beard, and wearing as his only garment a shapeless robe of some heavy black fabric. His feet were indistinguishable because of the table and bench, but he must have been shod, since there was a clicking whenever he changed position. The man did not speak, and bore no trace of expression on his small, regular features. He merely pointed to a book of prodigious size which lay open on the table..."
- H.P. Lovecraft "The Dreams in the Witch-House"
Hello everybody! Today, it is full of terror and madness. One of my favorite horror writer,the master from Providence, H.P. Lovecraft, the creator of the so-called Cthulhu mythology. It is also one of the forerunners of science fiction. He has had a huge impact on literature, film and even music. Characters from stories about Cthulhu have come into pop culture every day.

       And this gentlemen, thro…