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[EN/PL] About how the Hobbits celebrate. Part I / O tym jak Hobbici świętują. Część I (Warmonger Miniatures)

Hello everyone!
After a week's break due to a visit to Poznan at Blog Conference Poznan, I invite you to a new entry. Today I come back to the subject of the hobbits and halflings and would like to introduce the Honorable Visitors and fans of prose J.R.R. Tolkien a few holidays, festivities and fun of hobbits known throughout Shire or Bree. In the first part, I invite you to the Pipe Smoking Day.

The halfling model comes from the excellent Warmonger Miniatures, specializing in classic fantasy figures. Courtesy of Warmonger team, from time to time I will return to their excellent figurines, which will certainly appeal to all lovers of fantasy games and model collectors in the spirit of Oldhammer.
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Information about the Hobbits can be found primarily in the "Lord of the Rings" and the title "Hobbit" by the master J.R. Tolkien.
There are three types of hobbits: …

[EN/PL] Burke and Hare. Guests you do not want to meet in a dark alley / Burke i Hare. Goście, których nie chcielibyście spotkać w ciemnej uliczce (WestWind Production)

Hello everyone!

Friday 13th is a beautiful date to return to the topic of two serial killers from the nineteenth century Edinburgh.
The duo deserve a light facelift, better pictures and rewritten text. Models come from the  Empire of the dead game from WestWind Production.

For centuries, Edinburgh has been called the "Old Mugger" because of the high pollution. The city's great development in the 19th century contributed to this.
The city, drawing on the benefits of the industrial revolution from a crowded and crowded center, began to go beyond the city walls.

Schools, universities, new hospitals and factories were built at that time. Promises of rapid enrichment and the possibility of scientific development attracted not only schoolteachers and engineers to the Scottish metropolis, but also many poor immigrants, including from Ireland, a famine experienced at that time. That's how William Burke and William Hare came to town.

       Wiliam Burke was a short, handsome and sy…

[EN/PL] Wild West Stories: Jean Baptiste, the Gravedigger / Historie Dzikiego Zachodu: Grabarz Jean Baptiste (Artizan Designs)

Hello everyone!
Today, I invite you to the first entry on DwarfCrypt about climates of the Wild West. 
From time to time, let me introduce the well-known to you, famous gunslingers, infamous bank robberies, or look at stories with an element of thrill and horror. And I will start this "Weird History" today.
The minis painted by me comes from the Artizan Designsset called Frontier Characters
I invite you!

       Wild West (Old West) - popular term for the western United States, referring to the period of the nineteenth and first decade of the twentieth century.
This name was popularized by literature and later by the movies of the western genre. In Western, the constant struggles of Indians, cowboys, bandits, sheriffs, trappers and settlers were shown.
It is worth remembering that much of what we saw in films was significantly different from reality, although there were some similarities. One of the more serious problems of the Wild West was the difficulties which the American admi…

[EN/PL] How a merchant for a purse became lighter in past Cracow! / O tym jak w dawnym Krakowie kupiec o sakiewkę stawał się lżejszy! (Anno Domini 1666 Merchant and the Thief)

"Rain has washed us, laundered us,and the sun has dried us black.  Worse—ravens plucked our eyes hollowand picked our beards and brows.  Never ever have we sat down, butthis way, and that way, at the wind'sgood pleasure ceaselessly we swing 'n swivel,more nibbled at than sewing thimbles. Therefore, think not of joining our guild"- Francois Villon (The Ballad Of The Hanged Men)
Hello everyone!
Today's Sunday is unique for three reasons. Catholics celebrate this day the most important holiday in the liturgical calendar, which is Easter. On this occasion, the widest wishes of happiness and peace for all believers and other friends visiting DwarfCrypt. Break away from the models and blogging for a while and spend some time with your family. What I wish you and myself :)

Since Sunday is also a new blog entry. This time, the return to the historical atmosphere, and more precisely the seventeenth century and the Anno Domini 1666 game, which was created and develops thanks …