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[ENG/PL] About Don Quixote of la Mancha / O Don Kichocie z La Manchy ​z Anna Fit- Kulturalny Blog (Mordheim Freelance Knight)

"... And never, never stop dreaming, but watch carefully what you dream about..." - The Ingenious Nobleman Sir Quixote of La Mancha

Hello everyone!
Today, a unique entry about one of the most expressive characters in the history of literature - Don Quixote of La Mancha, also known as the "Knight of the Tempered Face".

I bought a knight miniature (Mordheim Freelance Knight originally), which is vividly inspired by the accepted image of the our poor 16th Spanish nobleman entry hero. I replaced from miniature a mount for better, in my opinion, looking in terms of sculpture and clarity of detail.
As the color of La Mancha is red and white, I decided to display such colors on the model presented today.

The second important component (if not more important) is the Ania, guest appearance of Anna Fit- Kulturalny Blog, which agreed to write a few words about the phenomenon and universality of Don Quixote.
Ania writes on the blog broadly understood culture, and her knowled…

[ENG/PL] Girls from the Lake-town / Dziewczyny z Esgaroth #2 (Unreleased Miniatures)

Hello Everyone!
I return to miniatures from Unreleased Miniatures and my project Lake-Town today.
In the category of Free People described today (according to Unreleased Miniatures), we can assemble up to three completely different sets of Women in Arms, with hand weapons, arcs and spears.
Today I present two ready units of women with bows and hand weapons.

Main features of sets - Woman-at-arms with bows and Woman-at-arms with axes:

All parts made of metal (bodies, hands with weapons, shields),Scale 28 mm,Requires cleaning of trapping, dividing lines and inequalities (unfortunately it's too much and it's in every miniature!)No bases,PRICE ==>THERE<==A general, subjective impression is good. Models refer to the sculpture and idea for the classics and I will be happy to include them in the collection of models from the LOTR and Hobbit categories.
In the Unreleased Miniatures offer you will also find other nice miniatures recalling everything we call the classics of fantasy figur…

[ENG/PL] Night Goblins #1 / Nocne Gobliny #1 (Rotten Factory War Sickles & Shields)

Hello everyone!
Today, a complete novelty on DwarfCrypt. The history of literature, fantasy games and movies is full of various fairy-tale creatures - and yes, in addition to elves, dwarves or unicorns we also have a second pole - beings of the dark ones- Demons, Undead or Goblins, a fraction of the opponents of our pure heart heroes.

       Thanks to the kindness of Pawel from Rotten Factory, I will show you what you can do with two sets of War Sickles and Shields parts. I decided to use a few Warhammer goblins for that, which I will use later as a Mordheimband.
I really like the atmosphere of the discussed weapon and, above all, the shields that worship the 80s and 90s minis world. This divine (demonic!) Oldhammer design!

       Below I invite you to see the effects of converting and painting and a few words about the Night Goblins. There will be another chapter of the green theatre in time.

Many years ago one of the tribes of green-skinned goblins settled in the caves of the World's…