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[EN/PL] The true story of Halfdan the Black (Hálfdan Svarti) / Prawdziwa historia Halfdana Czarnego (Halvdan Svarte) [Footsore Miniatures Erik Oaksplitter]

"My mother told me
Someday I would buy
A galley with good oars
Sail to distant shores
Stand upon the prow
Noble barq I steer
Steady course for the haven
Hew many foe-men, hew many foe-men"

Good morning!
Staying in historical and Tv series Vikings climate invite you to a meeting with another Nordic hero. On my profile on FBI made a small poll about the title - a story whose hero from among two TV series Vikings you would like to read?
And he won Halfdan the Black. I'm glad, because the protagonist, despite the very interesting character created, has nothing to do with the historical Norwegian.

In the role of the title Halfdan, I dressed one of the received models of Vikings from Footsore Miniatures. The model is my favorite line of Nordic invaders and painting it was pure pleasure!

I invite you to the Footsore Miniatures website, to see photos of the painted figure and to read the real fate of Halfdan the viking!

Halfdan the Black Gudrødsson (Old Norse: Hálfdan svarti, Norwegi…

[EN/PL] About a woman who didn't bend to the Vikings / O kobiecie, co wikingom się nie kłaniała (Wargamer's Hot & Dangerous: Lagertha, the Shieldmaiden)

"... this hard-hitting woman found more pleasure in the lone ruling of the kingdom than by sharing a fortune with her husband."

Hello everyone, very warmly!

Today's entry will be devoted to one of the most interesting figures of female warriors, with the small merit of the broadcasted by Vikings series.

Thanks to the courtesy of HQ of Polish Wargamer, producer of the known and popular By Fire and Sword wargame and such an interesting project as Anno Domini 1666, I received for review and painting one of the models from the Wargamer's Hot & Dangerous series.

They are very charming ladies in costumes of all significant years of military and epochs in the history of the world, additionally carved with an admixture of Pin-Up.

According to the topic of the entry I have prepared for you a model stylized as a viking woman.
The main features of the model:

Made of white metal,Height: 28 mm,It consists of six parts: body, hands, shield, coat and base,It is perfect for collectors …

[EN/PL] Burn the Witch! (MoRdheim: Witch Hunter #2) / Spalić wiedźmę! (MoRdheim: Łowca Czarownic #2)

Hello everyone!

Today I invite you to meet another witch hunter whom I had the opportunity to paint. I must admit that the model waited on its turn for well over half a year.

During this time he waited calmly watching the next entries on historical topics, and heresy was growing in strength and the dark forces were clutching their claws more and more ...

The mini is a classic pattern available for the first time about 18 years ago, on the occasion of the exit of MoRdheim game, an excellent and dripping climate. Finding the original designs is a miracle today, and then the cost is insane. I bought my model with a certain lack, which I had to play with green stuff - I will not say where, you can see this curvature at first glance :)

I invite you to the photos of the finished model and to all Witch Hunters in my collection.

Witch Hunters in the Old World.

Witch Hunters are grim, cold individuals who have dedicated their life to the eradication of corruption wherever it may be. There are many t…