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[EN/PL] Three Musketeers / Les Trois Mousquetaires / Trzej Muszkieterowie (Anno Domini 1666. Athos)

Hello everyone!

Today, through the painted Athos model, I return to the of Three Musketeers theme.
It has just ended (great success!) the collection of games and additions for the Anno Domini 1666project (which I described IN THIS PLACE) on Wspieram.To and Kickstarter. It is time to finish the Musketeers band, which are attached to the Anno Domini 1666 game box.
I repeated it at every opportunity and I will say now that the models for the mentioned system look fantastic and painting them is pure pleasure. That's how it was with the metal figure of Athos, which I received from the game's producer Wargamer.

I invite you to photos of the painted model and to a short essay about the literary original.

The three musketeers are the first part of Alexander Dumas's trilogy about four French musketeers: Athos, Porthos, Aramis and d'Artagnan. The next parts are Twenty years later and Viscount de Bragelonne. The action of the novel is set in turbulent times in the first half of the 17…

[EN/PL] Landsknechts IV: Recruitment / Rekrutacja (Warlord Games)

Hello everyone!
Today I invite you to the next part of the entry dedicated to the history of Landsknechts, mercenary soldiers of the infantry formation from the late fifteenth and sixteenth century, modeled on the units of the mercenary Swiss armed with pikes.
Last week's post about Warlord Games box was very warmly received, so I will stay for a few days in the era of the early Renaissance, in one of the German cities ...

       We already know what the structure of the regiment looks like and which officers were appointed by the colonel to serve in units consisting of Landsknechts.
These formations consisted of shooters, pikemen and Doppelsöldners (double-legged). Recruited to these units, people were not a random collection of dark star types who counted on easy profit and the possibility of a soldier.
        The reigning baby boom during the Renaissance caused that in many families were third and subsequent sons who could not count on a high proportion of family gold or business p…

[EN/PL] Landsknechts III: Regiment (Warlord Games)

Hello everyone!
As I promise, today I return to the historical theme and the multicolored Landsknechts, who sowed terror on the battlefields of the Renaissance. To today's entry, I used first two plastic models from Warlord Games from the Landsknechts Pikemenbox. I will come back to them in future entries about the described formation, because they look phenomenal in my opinion!

At the turn of the fifteenth and sixteenth century, the system of hauling troops was relatively similar throughout Europe. The king or emperor entrusted the task of recruiting "dogs of war" to an experienced soldier with a higher rank. In the period of interest to me, Emperor Maximilian I Habsburg has dreamed of creating the best infantry in the known world. Exceeding the effectiveness of the Swiss pikemen at that time (it is worth noting that it was the compact infantry regiments and later firearms that ousted the knights on horseback known so far on the battlefields.

       The Emperor of the Holy…

[EN/PL] A goblin Jester Story / Historia goblina błazna (Warmonger Miniatures)

Hello everyone!
Recently, at DwarfCrypt, a lot of entries treating broadly understood fantasy. Today I will remain in a similar subject and tell you my dear fairy tale. First in my career, but do not do this do not read it to her children please...

       For the goblin jester model I would like to thank Warmonger Miniatures, a company that specializes in the production of classic minis in the spirit of Oldhammer's good old times. Painted and described today (and others in Warmonger Miniatures) drips with climate and painting it was pure pleasure.
        A miniature photo would fit in the surroundings of 4 and 5 editions of metal goblins, but I do not have those painted at the moment and the later patterns must be sufficient. I invite you!

This story begins at the court of one of the Bretonian monarchs, but it will be wise to remain silent about his name. Mainly because of which we reach the end of the s…