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[EN/PL] Landsknechts II: Dopplesoldiers / Landsknechci - Podwójnożołdacy (Artizan Designs)

Good morning!

Hello everyone in the bonus entry in the 2017. It's true that a few days ago I published anannual summary on DwarfCrypt, but the time of the colorful carnival and the read article about Landsknechts inspired me to fine-tune few figures and write a few words.

The metal models come from two sets of Artizan Designs called Landsknecht Dopplesoldiers and Landsknecht Looters
I admit to you, my dears, that they will not be the last miniatures of these multi-colored soldiers on the blog and next year will bring more.

Doppelsöldner (from German)-  double pay, were in Landsknechts in the 16th century Germany - soldiers of mercenary infantry formations modeled on the troops of the armed Swiss armed with spades.
The "Doppelsöldner" landsknecht units came from German-speaking countries, but they served in various armies in Europe. They were specially prepared to fight in the first ranks, therefore they were exposed to greater danger by charging for their services a double pa…

[ENG/PL] Summary of 2017 and plans for the new year! / Podsumowanie 2017 i plany na nowy rok!

"When the Moon appears in the timetable, it is a sign that the question we are asking about wraps a mist of mystery or we perceive a certain state of affairs in a false light."

"Kiedy w rozkładzie pojawia się Księżyc jest to znak, że sprawę o którą pytamy owija pewna mgiełka tajemnicy albo postrzegamy pewien stan rzeczy w fałszywym świetle"

Hello everyone!
Today, I invite my Dears,to summarize the blog activity in 2017.The words that it passed quickly and too quickly will be too trivial, so let me just say that it was a very good year for blogging.

Big thanks to everyone who visited DwarfCrypt, who acted on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Instagram and above all they left comments (you did it, not counting my answers 3575 times! On average, 42 comments on the entry. Wooow!) Thanks to your great support, motivation for painting does not passand even is much bigger!Glory to you!

I would also like to thank all producers who wanted (and still want!) that their minia…