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[ENG/PL] The story of Ná Fianna / Historia wojowników Fianna (Footsore Miniatures Irish Fianna with Axes #1)

Good morning!

The old-Irish atmosphere will probably be hosted on DwarfCrypt. The main reason for this is the beautiful miniatures I have the pleasure to paint and the extraordinary stories that I read about the Green Island in the early Middle Ages.

Today, the first two models of Fianna's unit, and what was this strangely-sounding non-Irish warrior group you will find from the article below.
Figures come from FOOTSORE MINIATURES from their line of miniatures from the early medieval period of Ireland. I hope you like it!.

To help with this entry, I asked an Irishman, history and miniatures lover. What was Fianna? I invite you to journey with Ronan Duggan into the world of history, interspersed with myths, to the mighty and brave Ireland!
 From the Dark Ages of tumultuous Irish History, before the Normans held dominion over much of the land, there existed on the Island of Ireland an order of warrior poets known as Ná Fianna, which roughly translates as "the wilderness/ wild ones&qu…

[ENG/PL] How in the Game of Thrones eaten and... dies / Jak w Grze o Tron jadano i... umierano (HQ RESIN Commoner Feast Basing Kit 1 review)

Hello everyone!
Today a rather unusual entry, composed of two parts, which in their assumption are to complement and create a coherent whole.
I will go and give voice to the star and co-creator of this entry, Joanna, I invite you to review the Commoner Feast Basing Kit 1 from the manufacturer HQ Resin.

HQ Resin kits are made with attention to the smallest details, with the highest quality resin. The review of the product like other interesting sets can be found under the link Hexy-Shop

Main Features:

Commoner Feast Basing Kit 1 set contains 5 resin models (1 big wooden table, 2 wooden benches, 2 round wooden stools) and 31 resin elements of food and tableware items (food, dishes, jugs, glasses, bowls, plates, candlesticks).Dimensions:Table: height: 14mm, width: 30mm, length: 60mm,
Bench: height: 10mm, width: 9mm, length: 44mm,
Stool: diameter: 10mm, height: 10mm.Ideal for use with 28mm-32mm scale models as basing kits or diorama elements.
Overall impression:
The reviewed set will surely enrich…

[ENG/PL] On the edge of the Roman Empire / Na obrzeżach Imperium (Victrix Ltd Early Imperial Roman Auxiliaries)

During the reduced pace of world conquest by Rome, was developed new defensive tactics fixed boundaries. Auxiliaries were patrolling their borders and fighting local outbreaks of rebellion. Only when the situation became more serious for the game went stationed in the provinces, Roman legions ...

Hello everyone!

After the recent "inbox" of the Imperial Roman Auxiliaries from Victrix Ltd I invite you to delve into the subject of auxiliary units in the early Roman Empire.
Today I used the Victrix Ltd models available under this link.
I admit that painting them was a great pleasure and the details (which I mentioned in the REVIEW of the set) are proof of the entry of historical models to a higher level.

It is also worth mentioning that Victrix Ltd has introduced an interesting novelty to the Auxiliaries, namely the skin wolf for ordinary soldiers - which is not a groundless idea as it has a column of Emperor Trajan (see below). I liked it so much that I decided to present my models …