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[ENG/PL] Trick or treat. Wardancers story / Cukierek albo psikus. Rzecz o Tancerzach Wojny (SpellCrow Wood Elves - Young Axemen #1)

Hello everyone!

Courtesy of Peter of Spellcrow I am inviting today to the entry devoted to the first two elves of the "Wood Elves - Young Axemen" box.

Set's blister included 5 elf figures made of white metal and 5 25mm bases.The castings look very nice, they do not have any overflow or underdevelopment and the microscopic residues from the casting process and the dividing lines can easily be cut off with a modeling knife.
Finished elves team price under THIS link.

I invite all interested to visit Spellcrow also.You will find there a resin and metal:
10mm Miniatures,     Various SF figurines,     Bitzs,     Modeling materials,and the flagship product - UMBRA TURRIS skirmish game.Are you looking for additional models for Warmaster? Do you want to enrich your Space Marines or Orcs with great parts? Perhaps you are interested in great fantasy miniatures? Check the official site and Facebook fan page.

       The above mentioned set, actually the first two figurines, I decided…

[ENG/PL] The Battle of Clontarf / Cath Chluain Tarbh / Bitwa pod Clontarf (Footsore Miniatures: Irish Heroes with Dane Axes)

Hello everyone!

Today I am inviting  You to my first trip to dark ages Ireland.
I had to start with something light and introducing - a short story, an Irish song from that period, but I decided to start with something epic and proudly launching the Irish cycle on DwarfCrypt.

       Following the path that began with the entry with the The Battle of Hjörungavágr I invite you to the next melee, this time between the Irish and the Vikings. So much has been said, writing about the life and conquests of the bearded Nords in England, rarely mentioning another exciting theater of drama.I invite you to the green island, in the wake of the Irish national identity and fight to defend their own country.

       For today's entry I used painted by myself set of Footsore Miniature's early medieval Irish heroes with long danish axes.I admit that I am in love with Irish figurines, and the models seen in the photos will be a ornament in my collection (this fashionable haircut from the he…

[ENG/PL] SAGA: Aetius & Arthur: Owain mab Urien / Owain, syn Uriena (Footsore Miniatures - Late Roman Infantry Command #1)

Good morning!

Hello all my esteemed visitors and invite you to the first entry devoted to the times and the Arthurian legends. Briefly, if King Arthur and his company were in fact right in those days, soon after leaving the Roman army in Britain.
Thanks to Footsore Miniatures, for the Owain model and the music of the unit, I used the Late Roman Infantry Command.

       Owain was a mythical hero of the sixth century, the son of Urien of Rheged and Modron. He fought in his life with the North Britons against the Anglo-saxons.
Later, Hero was included in the Arthurian tales (also known as Ywain, Yvain, Ewain, or Uwain) and became the main heroine of the "Lady of the Fountain" and "Sleep of Rhonabwa".
In the latter, he appears as the leader of a unit called the Raven, who fights with Arthur's warriors, while Owain and the king play chess.It is possible, that the Ravens are not warriors, but the women of the Underworld, but his mother- Modron often changes into a ra…

[ENG/PL] Hordes: The Wanderer - Grymkin Warlock (Privateer Press)

"If you care not where you roam, every road will take you home."
Hello all visitors!

Today's  a complete novelty on blog. I have not had the opportunity to paint models for the very popular battle system Hordes and Warmachine. This is so strange because the Privateer Press miniatures are great, and one of the newest factions, Grymkin, captivated me with my dark look so much that I decided to write to the producer.
       In this way, I present you the first painted model of the Wanderer, who will support with witchcraft art my rising Horde. I will leave the question of the first test games and rules absorption until I'll painted figures (Your humble servant does not recognize gray plastic or pure metal).
Overall impression:
The model consists of two parts - a body and a hand with a lantern.It also has a stand for the miniature and three marker bases.Made of "white metal" with attention to the smallest detail.Subjectively, it looks great!

The Grymkin
The Grymkin ar…