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[ENG/PL] Pagan Priest and the story of Arkona / Pogański Kapłan i historia Arkony (Gripping Beast The Blind Seer & His Boy)

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Today I invite you to meet with a painted model of a blind seer/ soothsayer and a boy. The miniature comes from Gripping Beast and will be a wonderful and atmospheric addition to my collection of Viking and "Dark Ages" minis (thanks to Andy!).

Gripping Beastis a giant on the wargaming scene with miniatures for a game such as SAGAand The Crescent & The Cross. If you do not know them then I invite you to the manufacturer's website.

       I have already written about seers in Viking society, so today I would like to present to my visitors a little about the history of one of the most famous centers of pagan worship - Arkona. Place where came with gifts Vikings from Jomsborg (and certainly their Slavic part of the crew).

In the early Middle Ages, Arkona was the central defense of West Slavic Rains. It lay on the narrowly accessible headland of the Wittow peninsula (now a rocky cape in the extreme north of Rügen - Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania)


[ENG/PL] Athelings (Ætheling) and Thegns in Anglo-Saxon England #1 / Wysoko-urodzeni w Anglosaskiej Anglii #1

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  Last week I was on vacation on the Polish seaside, so I restricted my blog life to commenting my favorite blogs and gaining knowledge at an excellent Blog Forum Gdańsk, party for best polish bloggers.

        Today's entry, thanks for Footsore Miniatures, will be devoted to the first two miniatures of the high-born "Athelings" set of dark ages England.
Discuss today models you can find on the official site of the manufacturer in THIS place. I also encourage all of you (if you have not done it yet) of early medieval miniatures lovers, great for games like SAGA.

       Ætheling (also spelt Aetheling, Atheling or Etheling) was an Old English term (æþeling) used in Anglo-Saxon England to designate princes of the royal dynasty who were eligible for the kingship.

During the earliest years of the Anglo-Saxon rule in England, the word ætheling was probably used to denote any person of noble birth. Its use was soon restricted to members of a royal family. The prefix…

[ENG/PL] Life and death of Ælla, King of Northumbria / Życie i śmierć króla Elli z Nortumbrii (Footsore Miniatures)

Hello everyone!

Today I invite everyone to get acquainted with history of) King Aella, the ruler of Northumbria.
For the opportunity to paint the magnificent statue of the king and standard bearer thanks for Footsore Miniatures. The company offers exemplary models from the "Dark Ages" but not only.
I also encourage you to follow the official site on FB.
I recommend from all my black heart, the more that every month you can get a limited model for your collection by shopping for a certain amount.

In the next week I also goes on vacation, including Blog Forum Gdańsk, party for blogers, so the next post I plan in about 1,5 weeks.

And now...
Aella of Nortumbria was the Anglo-Saxon ruler of the second half of the ninth century, also known as Alle, Alli, Ælla, Ælle. One thing we know for sure - died in March 21, 867.

        The origin of the king is unknown. The Anglo-Saxon monk, Simeon of Durham, says in his chronicle that he had no royal descent. It is very possible, however,…

[ENG/PL] About the Ravens in the Nordic world / O Krukach w świecie Nordyckim (HQ Resin Ravens Basing Kit)

Good morning!

The main inspiration for today's rhinoceros writings in Norse mythology was the HQ Resin models and their RAVENS BASING KIT

HQ Resin sets are crafted with care for the smallest detail, with the highest quality resin. The review of the product, like other arcade sets, can be found in the Hexy-Shop.

Ravens Basing Kit consists of 6 ravens (2 out of 3 designs). The set is perfect for 28-33mm figures in the climate of the early Middle Ages, the Viking Age, the Wild West, the Second World War. Modellers in fantasy or steampunk climates will also be thrilled.
Reviewed Ravens will diversify and enrich every diorama, element of bases or miniatures.
Below I also invite you to take a picture of the raw and ready set.

It is important to remember that before painting it is very helpful to wash the set in warm soapy water and to clean the elements from the light residue after the cast. I use modeling scissors and toothbrushes. Be very careful because the elements are small and can break…