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[ENG/PL] The Way of the Samurai / Droga Samuraja (Ronin Bushi Buntai #1)


"Sword is the soul of a samurai, If one forgets or lose him, will not be forgiven" -testament of shogun Ieyasu Tokugawa (fragment)
Today at DwarfCrypt I invite you to a trip to the country of the Cherry Blossom in feudal period.To tell this story I will use freshly painted miniatures from North Star Military Miniatures to Ronin game, which I unpacked in this place.The Samurai, because of them, is one of the most recognizable social groups in history.But from the beginning ...
            The Samurai, the warrior, is a widely spread name in the West, the name of a feudal Japanese knight in Japan, commonly called Bushi, which I admit very much and I would like to use this phrase interchangeably. This name has changed over time with the phonetic change in samurai, which means "serve you". Originally, it meant a steward serving the highest Japanese dignitaries. They were also imperial guards called gosho-zamurai.
            The symbol of Bushi's positio…

[ENG/PL] You came to the wrong neighborhood, Stalker... / Odwiedziłeś złą okolicę, Stalkerze...(Poxwalkers #1)

“Where must we go, we who wander this wasteland, in search of our better selves.” Mad Max: Fury Road
I welcome all of you cordially and invite you without undue admission to the first of a series of postings devoted to the world after nuclear attack (and not only). Something in pop culture we have known from good years under the hashtag #postapo. Today I bend over Stalker. Perhaps also You, ladies, visited Stalker, a stalker, sickly and anxious to your attention.
Our post-apocalyptic Stalker, popularized by Russian science fiction writers Arkadija and Boris Strugacki in the novel "Roadside Picnic". Nowadays in mass culture means an armed and trained seeker-adventurer traversing post-atomic contaminated off-road.

         On their way, they can also meet radiation mutants and other creatures, side effects of various crazy experiments. To these characters, in today's entry, I used the first two Poxwalkers (Games Workshop), from which paint I am very satisfied.

[ENG/PL] Ronin: Bushi Buntai (North Star Military Figures In Box / rozpakowanie)

Hello everyone!
Thanks to courtesy of Nick and the North Star Military Figures team, I was given a nice gift in the form of figurines to one of my favorite games - Ronin.A system based on the battles of small groups of soldiers, warriors or monks in the samurai era in feudal Japan. These captured me with a fantastic atmosphere known from such masterpieces as Akiro Kurosawa movies like, Seven Samurai (Shichinin no samurai) or Sanjūrō, samurai from nowhere (Tsubaki Sanjūrō) and beautiful Japanese models.Below I will present.

Ronin's kits are packed in a tasteful box with pictures of painted figures for a faction. Currently we have the following choices: Sohei Monk Buntai, Bandit Buntai, Bushi Buntai, Koryu Buntai, Ming Chinese Buntai, Korean Buntai.
The above-mentioned team already had the pleasure of painting and describing on dwarfcrypt.

Witam wszystkich!
Dzięki uprzejmości Nicka i ekipy North Star Military Figures zostałem obdarowany miłym giftem w postaci figurek do jednej z …

[ENG/PL] Outremer: Faith and Blood: Armed group from Castile / Outremer: Wiara i krew: zbrojna grupa z Kastylii

Preview from Osprey Wargames. April 2018.

Hello everyone!
I should start: The first review of the coming system from Osprey in Poland.However, the release date is April 2018 and nobody knows what will be inside, and whether the publication date will not change.It will focus only on the presentation of several models of crusaders, which I painted for this occasion - the upcoming skirmish game in the crusade era.

From the information I have found, the game will be played on 4-14 models (as skirmish), while the action theater will be Middle East (although I also count on the Iberian peninsula and the Baltic Crusade, and if not, I also do not see the problem to such a story to move for the needs of the game).

Miniatures from various manufacturers are all shakes, for each of the aforementioned conflicts, in any year of its existence.
In today's post I invite you to look at some painted models from the Reconquista period, namely the fight of Christians for the displacement of Moors…