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[ENG/PL] What is it you wish to ask the gods? / O co chcesz prosić bogów? (Gripping Beast Saga Pagan Priest)

"Ragnar, I have heard many of your stories, but tell me, what is Ragnarök? I have heard mention of it several times, but so far no one has explained the meaning to me."
Ragnar -"Let's show this ignorant Christian what Ragnarök is." Vikings. Season 1 Episode 6

Hello everyone. An the DwarfCrypt fan page on FB I mentioned a shipment from Gripping Beast. Today I invite you to the first entry devoted to the received batch of figurines, including ... a model of the nordic priest, and the seer. This mysterious group of soothsayers, and above all the hangers in the Viking age, I will devote this entry.

          The soothsayer / seer, in Old Norse and Old Icelandic is Völva. She had the gift of seeing the past and the future, as well as interpreting the events of the present. She wielded Völ - magic wand, and Völva- the woman wielding a magic wand, was said to be speaking.
Hangout characters appear in Eddas, but also in many Sagas. They have become an indispensable element…

[ENG/PL] The Way of the Samurai / Droga Samuraja (Ronin Bushi Buntai #1)


"Sword is the soul of a samurai, If one forgets or lose him, will not be forgiven" -testament of shogun Ieyasu Tokugawa (fragment)
Today at DwarfCrypt I invite you to a trip to the country of the Cherry Blossom in feudal period.To tell this story I will use freshly painted miniatures from North Star Military Miniatures to Ronin game, which I unpacked in this place.The Samurai, because of them, is one of the most recognizable social groups in history.But from the beginning ...
            The Samurai, the warrior, is a widely spread name in the West, the name of a feudal Japanese knight in Japan, commonly called Bushi, which I admit very much and I would like to use this phrase interchangeably. This name has changed over time with the phonetic change in samurai, which means "serve you". Originally, it meant a steward serving the highest Japanese dignitaries. They were also imperial guards called gosho-zamurai.
            The symbol of Bushi's positio…

[ENG/PL] You came to the wrong neighborhood, Stalker... / Odwiedziłeś złą okolicę, Stalkerze...(Poxwalkers #1)

“Where must we go, we who wander this wasteland, in search of our better selves.” Mad Max: Fury Road
I welcome all of you cordially and invite you without undue admission to the first of a series of postings devoted to the world after nuclear attack (and not only). Something in pop culture we have known from good years under the hashtag #postapo. Today I bend over Stalker. Perhaps also You, ladies, visited Stalker, a stalker, sickly and anxious to your attention.
Our post-apocalyptic Stalker, popularized by Russian science fiction writers Arkadija and Boris Strugacki in the novel "Roadside Picnic". Nowadays in mass culture means an armed and trained seeker-adventurer traversing post-atomic contaminated off-road.

         On their way, they can also meet radiation mutants and other creatures, side effects of various crazy experiments. To these characters, in today's entry, I used the first two Poxwalkers (Games Workshop), from which paint I am very satisfied.

[ENG/PL] Ronin: Bushi Buntai (North Star Military Figures In Box / rozpakowanie)

Hello everyone!
Thanks to courtesy of Nick and the North Star Military Figures team, I was given a nice gift in the form of figurines to one of my favorite games - Ronin.A system based on the battles of small groups of soldiers, warriors or monks in the samurai era in feudal Japan. These captured me with a fantastic atmosphere known from such masterpieces as Akiro Kurosawa movies like, Seven Samurai (Shichinin no samurai) or Sanjūrō, samurai from nowhere (Tsubaki Sanjūrō) and beautiful Japanese models.Below I will present.

Ronin's kits are packed in a tasteful box with pictures of painted figures for a faction. Currently we have the following choices: Sohei Monk Buntai, Bandit Buntai, Bushi Buntai, Koryu Buntai, Ming Chinese Buntai, Korean Buntai.
The above-mentioned team already had the pleasure of painting and describing on dwarfcrypt.

Witam wszystkich!
Dzięki uprzejmości Nicka i ekipy North Star Military Figures zostałem obdarowany miłym giftem w postaci figurek do jednej z …