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[ENG/PL] The fate of William the Conqueror, part II / Część druga losów Wilhelma Zdobywcy

"Thus the monarch, who was terrified among the people of so many provinces, had been abandoned naked and without bed, deserted by children and those he had kept, and the funeral money had to be laid by someone else and there was not even room to bury him;By eating the same delicacies, it disintegrates, making the sages and fools aware of how temporal power is ... " I am returning today to the subject of Wilhelm the Conqueror, initiated in the first entry.
Our story ended with the Normans defeating the Anglo-Saxons forces at the Battle of Hastings.But this is not the end of history.

Chasing the country
Wilhelm left the  Hastings and headed for Dover.On the way, in retaliation for the crew of one of his boats, he burned Romney city.
Dover did not want to die and surrendered to Wilhelm, which did not prevent the prince's men from setting fire to the suburbs. Meanwhile, Wilhelm's army broke out of the epidemic of dysentery. The strength of the duke strengthened the adve…

[ENG/PL] LOTR: Dwarves: Vault Wardens / Krasnoludzcy Strażnicy Krypt

"Dwarfs digged too greedily and too deeply, until they discovered dark one, from what they had to escape"
Let us stop, my dear,  in time for the events that took place right after Hobbit's end.
Thorin was buried deep under the mountain, on his chest made the Arkenstone, Bilbo return to his cozy cottage and the world rolled its own rhythm. But are you sure ?

           In 2989, succumbing to the suggestion of numerous contributors, Balin, the most faithful companion of Thorin Oak shield, was at the head of a large group of dwarves who set out to Moria. He wanted to re-occupy his ancestral seat and find the last of the Seven Rings. Initially, the old dwarf was a success.He drowned the orcs off the mine and started intensive work there.He also assumed the Lord Moria title (only five years).Balin died during a stroll over the Reflected Lake, pierced by an arrow from the plowing orc.
He was buried in the Mazarbul Hall, which was his headquarters.Balin's comrades, includi…

[ENG/PL] Do not mock from the bastard, the thing about the Wilhelm the Conqueror / Nie drwij z bękarta, czyli rzecz o Wilhelmie Zdobywcy

Being a bastard in the early Middle Ages was not easy. Ha, was not even fully accepted, let alone inheritance. But Wilhelm was different.
The future ruler did not cut off from his origin and maintained proper contacts with his half-siblings and raised them to high dignity. But he was very irritable when it came to naming him a bastard. In the later years, when the local population of Alençon mocked Wilhelm's illegitimacy, the prince ordered 32 men to be arrested and their hands and feet cut off.
Wilhelm I The conqueror, also called Wilhelm the Bastard, was born around 1028 in Falaise and died on 9 September 1087 in the Saint Gervais monastery near Rouen. He was King of England and Prince of Normandy. Illegal son of Prince Normandy Robert athe Magnificent, also known as Robert the Devil.His mother was Herleva (or Herletta), most likely the daughter of Fulbert, the tanner of Falaise.

William's exact date of birth is unknown. It is assumed that he was born in 1027 or…