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[ENG/PL] C.L. Werner "Witch Hunter" / "Łowca Czarownic" ... and the new miniature! / ...i nowa pomalowana figurka!

Hello to all readers.
How many books have you read about witch hunters?How many sorcerers were burnt on stacks, and the destiny of the vampires was complete in the meeting with an aspen pin?
Tens. Hundreds? Certainly a lot, but true book pearls that reach the source of the theme is definitely less.

I remember my first meeting with the Malleus Maleficarum, the Hammer of the Witches, a book written by Dominican Inquisitors Heinrich Kramer and Jakob Sprenger.A book about the real existence of magic and how to detect, judge and dispose of witches.
Not surprisingly, it is one of those unlucky works in the history of the world, written in blood (largely innocent women), which inspired the entire mass of later literary creatures or common criminals and madmen.

Witch Hunter by C.L.Werner is growing from this tradition, however, set in the dark world known from the Warhammer universe.For laymen, I will simply say that it is a world similar to our medieval and Renaissance Europe, with simila…

[ENG/PL] Three Musketeers / Trzej Muszkieterowie: Aramis

Hello everyone!
Today I invite you to meet with musketeer.For a long time I was preparing to do a bunch of adventurers for En Garde! system, and somehow Wargamer came up with me with their new project, Anno Domini 1666. The better figurines, among other things, the musketeers I could not dream of. That's why, Mesdames et Messieurs! Aramis!

Aramis, one of the heroes of the Alexandre Dumas-father novel series: Three Musketeers, Twenty Years Later, Viscount de Bragelonne.
The hero also appears in the novel D'Artagnan by Henry Bedford-Jones.In fact, it is called Rene d'Herblay, later Abbé d'Herblay (Twenty years later), later bishop d'Herblay (Viscount d'Bragelonne).
The character is modeled on Father Henri d'Aramitz.
Aramis is a musketeer of Louis XIII, friends with Athos, Portos and D'Artagnan. He is a good intrigue in social and political areas. Among the Musketeers He show the greatest love of poetry, and D'Artagnan says of him:

"When you were a …

[EN/PL] Josef Bugman's Brewery Company // Krasnoludzka Kompania Piwowarska Josefa Bugmana #1

... or rather, what is left of it, a group of brewing vengeance "Bugman" beer brewers.
I admit that I really like the moment of publishing a ready and satisfied post.
On the occasion of such entries I am thinking back to more than 18 years back and first sessions in the WFRP and battles in 5 ed. WFB, when I used these classic models in a series of skirmishes, dangerous adventures and big battles.

Thanks to the invaluable QC, we can enjoy the first version of the rules for the Dwarf Brewers Company (PL only), and thus begin to complete the team.
As I mentioned, on the occasion of the entry devoted to the Dwarf Iron Guard, in addition to the nearly completed Dwarf Treasure Hunters team, and the start of the project of the Durin's folk dwarves to the Lord of the Rings, I decided to devote some time to Josef Bugman's comrades, recently described as a dwarfcrypt.
To the famous brewery are joined today two warriors, can be of classic patterns.
The Dwarf thunderer from…