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Crescent and The Cross: Arabs / Arabowie

مرحبا بالجميع!
Hello all visitors! It was true that I was going to start the Middle Ages and the Templars, but I've painted some interesting Arab models lately, and I would like to bring them closer to the Middle Ages today.
For the sake of accuracy, the two most recent figurines come from the Gripping Beast Arab Spearmen & Archer set, the triple ride is the Arab Light Cavalry (who will also serve as Turkkool in my collection), and the Berbers from Artizan Designs.
Historical overview.
Arabs were known in the original sense as "nomads". They are a group of Semitic peoples living from the ancient Arabian Peninsula.

The first mention of the Arabs appears in the Bible already about 1000 r. b.c., and in the chronicles of the Assyrian circa 7th century b.c.- for about 1600 years they lived mostly in the Arabian Peninsula, so that in the 7th century a.c.Begin to expand and mix with the people living in their occupied areas, which have undergone much Arabization.The most co…

Comic book / Komiks: LOKI (Rob Rodi, Esad Ribic)

Hello all visitors!
According to a series of reviews of the comic book series launched in March, I invite you to the April graphic novel with the shapely LOKI title .

The Loki is a giant of Nordic mythology, counted among the gods. It is a symbol of fire and deception. His father was the giant Farbaut, and mother Laufey.According to the Nordic tradition, it links him with the blood brotherhood of Odin, whose origin is not known.However, their oath is so strong that the All-Father and the first among the Aeses can not condemn God to death.And the reasons would have no measure.Actually, each of the stories about the Asgard Gods has a "Loki element", which is a lie, a fig, or a mischief, which is responsible for the course of events.

It is true that it is impossible to change the fate of the Norns-woven (Nordic witches, bourgeoisie) and the fiery giant's purpose is to participate in Ragnarok ...

So much the original mythology of the peoples of the north.In Marvel's …

High Elves: Warhammer Quest Elf Ranger

Today I return to the Old World and my High Elf band.I bought (finally!) a miniature that would represent the elven prince.The model is a classic ranger with an add-on to Warhammer Quest game.
Long time ago, in the tournament era, I used this model sometimes in games, as a hero, less often the High Elf Lord. He is now returning as an Adventurer along with his team of elven friends.
To finish this project I plan to buy and paint- the White Lion and two Shadow Warriors.

Some history
Asur is one of the oldest and wisest breeds. Prastare and proud creatures have developed martial arts and magical knowledge for ten thousand years. While the primitive tribes of humans and orcs fought with each other, the High Elves set up colonies and drew maps of Earth, Sea, and Heaven. To the arrival of Twilight Time, when the Dark Elves destroyed their homeland, the Elves were the most powerful race ever to land on the planet.

Time of Awakening
High Elf Elves have been living in harmony with the…

Space Wolves: Geigor Fell-Hand

Hello everyone!
I invite you today to meet the universe, which very rarely guests on DwarfCrypt.Today's hero comes from the time of Horus Heresy, a breakthrough period in the history of the Wargamer's 40k and a bit of history below.

I may very well say that this will not be another big project, but rather a few of the Space Wolves that will be used in skirmish games in dark future.
And since this is the law I always liked (I played in the 2000 Spece Wolves army at the local tournament) I decided to lure some interesting models.

Geigor Fell-Hand was a Champion and Wolf Guard of Dekk-Tra, the 13th Great Company of the Space Wolves Legion.
Notorious for his hatred of sorcery, Geigor Fell-Hand was given command of Dekk-Tra's Blooded Claws during the Battle of Prospero. He cautioned his Jarl, Bulveye, against following the Thousand Sons through the portals they were using to travel across Prospero, but his warning were ignored.

Bjorn later took an artisan lightning claw…