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Podsumowanie marca // March summary

"Lucifer Falling" Gustave Doré (Gustave Doré, 1832- 1883. He was famous for brilliant Bible graphics . He illustrated more than 200 books, including Dante's Divine Comedy, Don Quixote, and most of the books of Edgar Allan Poe. Think about the first combination of paradise lost - yes, Fall of Lucifer from Heaven is his graphics).

"Upadek Lucyfera" Gustave Doré (Gustave Doré, 1832- 1883. Znany był z genialnych grafik biblijnych. Zilustrował ponad 200 książek, w tym Boską komedię Dantego, Don Kiszota i większość z książek Edgara Allana Poe. Pomyślcie o pierwszym skojarzeniu z Rajem Utraconym- tak, Upadek Lucyfera z Nieba to jego grafika).

After this Art introduction , I greet all of you cordially on this Friday's day!

Last day of the month, so I invite you to summary of the end of the month.The number 8 entries may not be a down payment, but it is a standard of 8-10 entries, published on DwarfCrypt for many, many months already.I hope the quality of the individua…

Josef Bugman, the legendary Brewer Master / Josef Bugman, legendarny Mistrz Browarniczy

Hello everyone, very warmly
I invite you today to meet another legend of the Old World (the first was a Drycha) and one of the most climatic heroes of the dwarf.

I always liked this model and I remember that since I started collecting and playing WFB (18 years ago!) This model was for me the essence of the dwarf.Great and runic axe, mug of beer and nice eye shield (unfortunately I do not own the original, so my self).

This is my third painted model, and this time I decided to paint it using NMM (non metallic metal) technique, that is to paint metallic elements not metallic, plain colors (white, black, brown, yellow) in order to obtain color similar to silver or gold:) The effect on the photos below, probably even a little fairy-comic :)

Josef Bugman is the most famous Brewmaster of all time.Among dwarfs, the art of weighing beer is treated equally with the most important crafts.All dwarfs drink innumerable amounts of this liquor, and nothing gives them more joy than the bustlin…

SAGA: Normans / Normanowie

Hello everyone!

Today On DwarfCrypt a few news. New Look and Normans.
I decided to slightly refresh the look of the site with the new motive proposed.Blogger went to the designs proposed by Wordpress, preserving (or not) a part of himself.
With nasty surprises, the G + 1 button is not displayed under every post.It is in the settings as active, but some fukkup is and the page is missing :) There is a "udostępnij" option that allows you to quickly and easily share content (like Google+). Unfortunately I can not change this to English "share".
With the exception of this aspect, all the functionality as before in a fresh and modern form :)

The second issue is the Norman title (although they may be successfully participated in the first Crusade and Reconquest knights in its first decades) and several figures I decided to refresh and paint.
Figures come from Crusader Miniatures and in my opinion they are pretty nice. Nice variation from plastic Norman.In the photos also …

[ENG/PL] Crescent and The Cross: Moors: Berber Archers #1 / Berberyjscy Łucznicy #1

مرحبا بالجميع!
Hello everyone!
Today I returnto theclimates Reconquista, perfectly adopted on the occasion of the Black Guard#1and #2
This time multivolored in their costumes, Berber archers to my strength of Moors from the period ofthe Reconquista. The first four and the dead marker of the Christian knight.

Word of the Moors (lat. Mauri) comes from Mauritania, the name of the land of historical and geographical, now the western part of Algeria and northern Morocco. In different historical periods changed its meaning.
In an interesting medieval Europe they called me as the Muslim inhabitants of the Iberian Peninsula, who created Muslim state in the area of present-day Andalusia, reaching, in the era of the greatest conquest in the VII-VIII century, central France.

Until 711 originating from the North African Moors, who are mostly Berbers, Christian Visigoths conquered the state and will come to the land of Spain. Under the leadership of Tariq and his successors in the ongoing camp…

Neil Gaiman "Mitologia nordycka" / "Norse Mythology"

Autor: Neil Gaiman
Tytuł oryginału: Norse Mythology
Tłumaczenie: Paulina Braiter
Oprawa: twarda
Ilość stron: 240
Rok wydania: 1 marca 2017

Witam serdecznie wszystkich odwiedzających grotę starego krasnoluda!
Dziś zapraszam na recenzję jednej z nowości wydawniczych, która nie ukrywam on momentu zapowiedzi, stała się moją wielką zagadką i nadzieją. Nie jest dla stałych gości niespodzianką, że kocham kulturę, wierzenia i właśnie mitologię ludów północy, dlatego tym radośniej sięgnąłem po książkę Neila Gaimana.

Autor legenda. Twórca takich perełek jak Gwiezdny Pył, Amerykańscy Bogowie czy Dobry Omen ( współtwórcą był Terry Pratchett). Anglik jest również znanym redaktorem, scenarzystą czy twórcą komiksów (np. znana seria Sandman).
Dobrze, dobrze, ale czy Mitologia Nordycka jest kolejną powieścią z serii "urban fantasy"? Otóż nie!

Ku radości wszystkichmiłośników wierzeńludów szeroko pojętych jako germańskie i skandynawskie, dostajemy zbiór przeredagowanych fragmentów "Eddy Prozaiczne…