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Summary of January 2017 // Podsumowanie stycznia 2017

Jacob de Gheyn II.The Masquerades (1595-1596)
Jacob de Gheyn II or Jacques de Gheyn II (b. In 1565 in Antwerp, d. March 29, 1629 in The Hague) - Dutch painter and engraver, probably bestknown for hiswork on the seventeenth-century military manual - The Exercise of Armes.
From 1585 he lived in Utrecht. He studied painting in the studio of Goltzius. He worked successively in Amsterdam, Leiden and The Hague.
Jacob de Gheyn II lub Jacques de Gheyn II (ur. w 1565 w Antwerpii, zm. 29 marca 1629 w Hadze) – holenderski malarz i rytownik, prawdopodobnie najbardziej znany ze swych prac nad XVII-wiecznym podręcznikiem militarnym – The Exercise of Armes.
Od 1585 mieszkał w Utrechcie. Studiował malarstwo w pracowni Goltziusa. Działał kolejno w Amsterdamie, Lejdzie i Hadze.

Hello everyone! After thetraditionalshort meetingwith the artinvite you to the first monthly summary of bloggingactivity in the new 2017 years.
Witam wszystkich serdecznie. Po tym tradycyjnym, krótkim spotkaniu ze sztuką zapraszam do pi…

MoRdheim : Dwarf Treasure Hunters: Totems, Markers, Terrain #1

Hello everyone!

Today I invite youto watch thefirst Dwarf markers which are inextricably linked with my Dwarf treasure hunters.
The first marker is one of MiniMonsterssignpost of this REVIEW, while the second is a piece of "Dwarven Basing Kit" from Scibor Miniatures.
Of course, the markers fit to figures bases, added some dry pigment from Vallejo.

Due to the fact that my dwarves band is closely connected with the world of Warhammer, and a name for the signpost are consistent with the history and geography of the Old World.

Karak Kadrin
The name means in the language of the dwarf "Fortress Pass". In the described times, the trail leading to the fortress is a dangerous full of orcs and goblins place, which lost its importance as a window from west to east of Worlds Edge Mountains.It is on the residents of Karak Kadrin obligation to protect the surrounding areas against intruders.In ancient times King of Karak-a-Karak, proud dwarf named Baragor, suffered terrible losses …

[ENG/PL] Crescent and The Cross: Moors: Black Guards #2/ Maurowie: Czarna Gwardia #2

مرحبا بالجميع!
Today I return to the the Reconquista times and another entry dedicated to the Moors. 
This time I painted a few soldiers, who area command group for my Black Guards, elite soldiers.
Like the previous four, models come from Artizan Designs Berbers series and as metal patterns of historical figures are quite nice. 
Pattern banner from a Bernardo buddy, from foreign groups dedicated to Saga and C & C systems.

In this way, the first unit of the Moorish completed - a nice change from "European" climate. There will be more, but more colorful.
Feel free to watch and read.

Traditionally, history corner.
Word of the Moors(lat.Mauri) comes from Mauritania,the name ofthe land ofhistorical andgeographical, nowthe western part ofAlgeria andnorthern Morocco. In different historical periods changed its meaning.
In an interesting medieval Europe they calledmeasthe Musliminhabitants of the Iberian Peninsula, who created Muslim state in the area of present-day Andalusia, reaching, …

Signposts // Drogowskazy (Mini Monsters In Box)

Welcome all visitors!
Today, quite unusual. Once upon a time there was no In Box set, and the more the element terrain.
Signposts, because of them mentioned, it does not plementing part of terrain where you can meet other adventurers and troublemakers (Elves and Rangers do not need these signs - they simply laying the stones and touch a leaf lying on the road;)).

The reviewed set is derived from the native Mini Monsters, which specializes in this type of wonderful elements of terrain, but not only.

The kit includes 5 models of posts and 16 boards made of high quality resin.
The elements do not have any traps that you need to gently remove by the modeller knife.
The height of the posts is 52-56mm, which is quite a lot of what you see in the pictures comparison.
The scale, of course, popular 28-30mm, ideal for use historical-fantasy wargaming.

The issue of contact and shipment also a plus. Quickly and easily (I'm on my set of signposts waited only three days).

The rating system as the most p…