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Scarecrows! / Strachy na Wróble! (HQ Resin Scarecrow Basing Kit in box)

"Scarecrow in the evening Is full of sadness, because the Fear- by fear came upon In a parcel garden" - Wincenty Faber "Lonely Scare"

Hello friends!

Today on DwarfCrypt invite you to read the review scarecrows set, which you will find on HQ Resin offer. HQ Resin sets are crafted with care for the smallest detail, with the highest quality resin. The review of the product, like other arcade sets, can be found in the Hexy-Shop
The Scarecrow Basing Kit consists of 2 scarecrows models and 6 pumpkins (1 large, 2 medium and 3 small). The set fits perfectly into the 28-33mm scale miniatures in the climate from the Middle Ages through the 18th century Wilderness in the World War II ends. Do not be ashamed to also use the set for fantasy and steampunk projects.
Scares and pumpkins will diversify and enrich each diorama, terrain element and model bases.
Below I have prepared a pictorial overview of the raw set, hand-painted elements and comparison with various figurines.

It is important t…

[ENG/PL] Hatamoto in feudal Japan / Hatamoto w feudalnej Japonii (Ronin Bushi Buntai #2)

"Like the flowers, we are dying slowly ." Knowing life with every breath, with every cup of tea, with every life we receive "- Bushidō Samurai Codex
In the previous entry devoted to the emerging of new Ronin gam band I brought closer to you, the respectful visitors, the basics of knowledge about the Samurai. Today I go further on the country of the Blossoming Cherry of Feudal era and present another painted hero from the set of North Star Military Miniatures.

        Hatamoto, since I will speak of it today (in Japanese 旗 本) means literally "at the banner" which is often translated as "the standard bearer".
This higher samurai remained in the direct service of the Tokugawa Shōgun in feudal Japan. Although all three siogunas in Japanese history had official vassals, the two earlier were referred to as gokenin. During the Edo hatamoto period they were a larger group of Tokugawa vassals, and the lower gokenin.
The difference between them was based primarily…

[ENG/PL] Lagertha, the Shieldmaiden / Lagertha, kobieta Wiking (Hasslefree Miniatures)

"The Gods will always smile upon brave Women"
Ending, for a few entries about the Vikings, I decided to end this triptic (What is it you wish to ask the gods?, When you get frenzy, the thing about Berserkers and Lagertha, the Shieldmaiden) something of a tribute to all the brave and warrior women.

        On the wave of Viking TV series popularity , broadcast on the History channel, great popularity has been won by the nordic adventurers and women warriors, so-called Shieldmaidens, the folklore and the mythology of the Nordic - a woman who had chosen to fight as a warrior.
Examples of shieldmaidens mentioned by name in the Norse sagas include Brynhildr in the Vǫlsunga saga (It is quite possible that the mythical Valkyrie, taking the body of the dead from the battlefield, was modeled on female warriors), Hervor in Hervarar saga ok Heiðreks, the Brynhildr of the Bósa saga ok Herrauðs, the Swedish princess Thornbjǫrg in Hrólfs saga Gautrekssonar and Princess Hed, Visna and Veborg …