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The XV century Swiss Roadwardens: Pikemen #2 // XV-XVI wieczni Szwajcarscy Strażnicy Dróg: Pikinierzy #2

Hello my venerable visitors!

Today I returntothe announcedgroup of models of Swiss pikemen from the second half of the fifteenth century.
To create the next threeas well asearlier, I used figuresfrom Mercenaries, EuropeanInfantry1450-1500 set from Perrys.
My emerging military power shows the Cantor Uri,with the colors yellow - black.

Uri is acanton of Switzerland, situatedin the centralpart of the country,in the valley ofthe Reuss River between Lake LucerneandSt.Pass.Gotthard.It is also oneof the three known. forestcantons (Waldstatt, near SchwyzandUnterwalden), which on August 1, 1291. signedthe founding actof the Swiss Confederation. The capital of the canton of Uri is Altdorf.

Pikemen, as I mentioned atthe beginning of serve me to create a small patrol (to Lion Rampant game system) from the period of Swiss-Burgundian wars, also known as Burgundy Wars. They were the result ofconflictsbetween the dukes of Burgundy and the kings of France, who later also applied to the Old Swiss Confederat…

RONIN: The story of the samurai and the wandering monk (Town People #1)

When paintingaccompaniedme... Podczas malowania towarzyszyło mi... 絵は私に同行すると...

Minasan, kon'nichiwa!

I do todayanother entry-dedicated to next Swiss unit of the late Middle Ages, however, caught an irresistibledesire for driving off the Japanese to Ronin game from the recent "In Box". Therefore pikemen will visit onDwarfCrypt a few days :)

Samurai (perhaps Ronin) and a wandering monk (or pilgrim) will be the first heroes of entries devoted to the figurines of the Town population of feudal Japan.


Samurai, the warrior. This is widespread in the West, the name of the Japanese feudal knight - in Japan usually called bushi. This name has undergone a change over time in samurau phonetic, significant serve you) - originally meant entourage of serving the highest dignitaries Japanese. They were also the imperial guard (Gosho-Zamurai).

The symbol of the samurai position was a katana, samurai swo…

RONIN : Feudal Japan Town People (Perry Miniatures In Box)


Whatis truetoday is notSunday, andthe day dedicated in DwarfCrypy to "In Boxes", but came to me figures that ask about previous unpacking.

I am talking about the Japanese townsmen from days of Japanese feudalism of Perrych Bros, which I intend to add to a collectiondedicated to the Japanese to RONIN game.

To the said systemalready have two bands (the Samurai and the Bandit) and during the formation andpainting Mongols band. Therefore, I decided to add a little neutralfolk.
So what we have in the kit?
Sevenfigures adult + child. The adults are: a wandering monk, old man, Samurai (perhapsRonin), two women (not to be confused with geishas, whose title came in the eighteenth century), porter / merchant and the laborer. As you can see very nice variety.

Below I will present each character entry with a higher zoom. I hope that the painting will gain even more, and I can notwait:)

Subjective summary - white metal, 28mm scale (real, not heroic), no bases.

- Interesting var…

Great Railways model. PGE Narodowy. Warsaw // Wielka Makieta Kolejowa. PGE Narodowy. Warszawa

Hello everyone!

Today on DwarfCrypt account of a recent visit to the exhibition huuuuge railways model.

On the Warsaw National Stadium can my Dear admire at dozens of mockups on 1000 m2 (sic!), Cable, tracks, platforms and all that is associated with modelic queuing.

Sam admit I am a layman in the subject - I know only immortal in our country Poland manufacturer PIKO, but what I saw and that's how it was done - every tree, shrub or flower-consisted of one incrediblewhole.

On the pictures below (the quality of so-so - not quite good lighting for photos and details of most of the exposure glass is doing his) tried to capture every piece of land, wandering the ride-queues. 
They did not move only cars and people-though not all. At the touch of the green button welder began work funfair drive new customers and lift began to move to the right and left :)

Everything is breathtaking -this synchronizationdozens ofqueues on dozens of tracks, stopping at stations and so on.
I learned from source t…