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Dziady // Samhain // Halloween

Welcome all visitors!

Regulars ofDwarfCryptknow very wellthat I ama lover(exceptplastic and tin drugs)mythology andbeliefs ofall kinds - with an emphasis onNordic-Slavic climates.
Do notlimit myself, of course,onlytothe aboveandin the garden ofmy memoryI growflowersis alsocharacteristic ofotherpeoplesbeliefs, including thosedarker(heh heh ...).

Therefore, I invite you to an entry devoted to the magicdate of31 October.

Witam wszystkich serdecznie!

Stali bywalcy DwarfCrypt doskonale wiedzą, że jestem miłośnikiem ( poza plastikowo-cynowymi dragami) mitologii i wierzeń wszelakich - z naciskiem na klimaty nordycko-słowiańskie.
Nie ograniczam się oczywiście tylko do wyżej wymienionych i w ogrodzie mojej pamięci hoduję również kwiatki charakterystyczne dla innych ludów, wierzeń, także tych mroczniejszych (he he...).

Dlatego zapraszam do wpisu poświęconemu magicznej dacie 31 października.

Dziady(Дзяды, Forefathers' Eve) are pre-Christian ritual All Souls, whose essence was "communion living…

Bolt Action: US Airborne: Injured one !

Hello everyoneverywelcome!
Littlehashappened tothe OctobertraditionthatonDwarfCryptappearalternatelyfantasyfigureslikeWitch Hunters or dwarfsand historical, in this caseare USParatrooperstoBoltAction.
Today,back toWorld War IIand the earlymomentsof AmericanParatrooperswith101on the European continent.

I committedin their free timeonsuchaclimatemodel,a woundedsoldierin the head.I liketheseflavorsthat distinguish themodelofother similar.With theexecution oftheammoderatelyhappy also:)
101AirborneDivisionwasactivated16 August 1942year.Ultimatelycreatedas adivisionparachute(as opposedto 82division, which wasrenamedtheinfantry divisiononAirborne). Bothformed thefirst Americanairbornedivisions.101is oneof the most famousdivision ofthe US Army.
101 Airborne has participatedin such operationsandtheatersasOperationOverlord,Operation Market Garden,Bastogne,the liberation ofpart of the campDachau.

Witam wszystkich bardzo serdecznie!

Trochę już się stało październikową tradycją, iż na DwarfCrypt pojawiają…

MoRdheim : Dwarf Treasure Hunters: Troll Slayers !! // Zabójcy Trolli !!

Hello allhonorablevisitors!
Today I invite you to meet with the Dwarf Troll slayer. This will be the second warrior belonging to the bizarre cult of looking death in the heroic struggle dwarves on my Dwarf Treasure Hunters.

I would add only that in this way the orange mohawks repent old sins and transgressions, putting a shadow on their reputation.
The model is derived from theScibor Miniatures. I gave up tattoos (for now!) At future time for cooperation:))
For the record let me just saythatI set myselfthe task of painted metal parts, non-metallic paints, whichI admitI reallyliked, and from timeto timebackto this NMM method.
Bases are a Celtic Ruins 20mm squareof Scibor'a. Ready bases were covered with dry pigmentsofVallejo, which gavethem the appearance of the destroyed ruins.
I invite you to watch!

Witam wszystkich Szanownych Odwiedzających!

Dziś zapraszam na spotkanie z krasnoludzkim Zabójcą Trolli. Będzie to drugi wojownik, należący do tego przedziwnego kultu szukających śmierci w her…

MoRdheim: Witch Hunter // Wilhelm Hasburg, Priest of Sigmar

Hello everyone!

That was not too mono thematically, today DwarfCryptreturnto the topic ofWitch Hunters.

I decided to take a pre-Christmas giftandboughtherethisclassicmodel, the time in which it was the most activein playing in Warhammer.
Its price unsaid,becausemy fianceereadandgo straight to the description of the presented model :)

Wilhelm is a fanatical priest of Sigmar, obsessed with the destruction of the forces of Undead and Chaos. When he reads the litanies of banishment from his holy book called "the Hammer of Witches", he radiates an aura of holiness and utter faith. In his crusade is a companion Johann van Hal.

Witam wszystkich!

Aby nie było zbyt monotematycznie, dziś na DwarfCrypt powrót do tematu Łowców Czarownic.
Postanowiłem zrobić sobie wcześniej prezent bożonarodzeniowy i zakupiłem ten oto klasyczny model, z czasów w których wykazywałem największą aktywność w graniu w Warhammera.

Jego cenę przemilczę, gdyż moja narzeczona czyta i przejdę od razu do opisu przedstawia…

Bolt Action: US Airborne Sniper Team

Good morning!

StayingonDwarfCryptin climates ofWorld WarII, I invite you to meet with the sniper team, belonging to the101 Airborne, that slowly I collected for Bolt Action game.

Miniatures came from Artizan Designs, for a little more I like the patterns of Warlord Games - though the new plastics are quite interesting and probably for some time to take for them.

The patterns described in this entry, enchanted me with his "bad guy" appearance. These are not the kind the Yankees and the skin will not sell easy. And after that, a team of snipers - the climate itself. Although so far my favorite patterns sharpshooters is a German couple, they are US counterparts have nothing to be ashamed of.

On the bases, as promised, I put some leaves-created by the craft puncher, described HERE.

I invite You, my friends!

Dzień dobry!

Pozostając na DwarfCrypt w klimatach II wojennych, zapraszam na spotkanie z drużyną snajperów należących do 101 Powietrzno-desantowej, którą powoli sobie składam na po…