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MoRdheim: Dwarf Treasure Hunters: Runesmith / Kowal Run (Last Drakkar Tattoo edition)

Hello all!

I believe that even a dwarf (and perhapsabove all,a dwarf!)should have a good tattoo, if he decidedto. And Idraw inspirationfrom the best in town.

Therefore, courtesyof AdamfromLast Drakkar, Warsawtattoo studio,  I decided to liven thingsand enrich the model recently painted Runesmithand present itagain to the DwarfCrypt.

Performing a tattoo should go for an interesting idea and symbolismimportant for character entry.
Because of that, the owner of the Last DrakkarLast Drakkar designed a tattoo combining forging - runicaspect of the dwarf profession. In my opinion, it has been perfectly captured this recital, and it'struly a dwarf style!From the projects presented below blacksmithreceived twotattooson his arm and chest.
I tried to keep100% idea of Adam, of course, also havelimitationsin the form ofsmallfigurines.The end result you can see in the pictures below. I invite you!

Some facts:…

Thorin, Oakenshield / Thorin Dębowa Tarcza

Hello everyone very welcome!

For some time I leave painting dwarfs, so I decided to end this by something epic. 
The truth is that I play for a great feast limited mainly to painting, collectible, and of telling the history of what I have not repaint and what the project does not do;))

Therefore, I decided to do a miniature of Thorin Oakenshield, one of the main characters ofThe Hobbit. How ever will I play by Dwarfs treasure hunters, the model will do for the commander - but on a daily basis will be just the King under the Mountain.

The Scibors model is armed with a handgun, but other atrubuty we can confidentlybe considered compatible with the book character - including my little modification - elven swordinstead of the originalax.

I invite you!

As a lover of mythology and Norse sagas will tell on the origins of that nameof Thorinby masterTolkien,drewfromthe Prose Edda, andit meansbold,brave.NicknameOakenshieldfrom the sameEdda poem, but is listedthere asthe name ofanother dwarf Eikinskja…

MoRdheim : Dwarf Treasure Hunters: Runesmith (vel Engineer) / Kowal Run

Hello friends!
According by principle"Rest is not for the conqueror," I invite you tothe nextentrydedicated todwarf.

This time it'sRunesmith, from the Scibor Miniature (how else!).
In my Dwarf Treasure Hunters band toMoRdheimwill do for the Engineer. Model immensely I like - that love at first sight.

Super idea of an anvil on his back and a general expression glory, reminding me of the attic of Hellboy.

For the record I will say that I set myself the task of the dwarfs band to MoRdheimpainted metal parts, non-metallic paints. This is the fifth dwarf painted without the use of gold and silver color - I'm starting to like it;)

Bases are Celtic Ruins 20mm square by Scibor. Ready stands were covered with dry pigments of Vallejo, which gave them the appearance of the destroyed ruins.

I invite you to watch!

Witam pięknie!

W myśl zasady "Odpoczynek nie jest dla zwycięzców", zapraszam do wpisu poświęconego kolejnemu krasnoludowi.
Tym razem jest to Kowal Run, ze stajni Scibor…

MoRdheim : Dwarf Treasure Hunters: Troll Slayer // Zabójca Trolli

Welcomeall the honorableguests.

Wild Hunter? Barbarian? Slayer?

I remainin climates ofandthe Dwarfs andfollowing the blow, present next model.
This time it will Trollslayer.Owned bywhatthis strange cult of dwarven warriors seek death in a heroic struggle, andthusrepentoldsins andtransgressions, putting a shadow on their reputation.

The model is from the Scibor Miniature-reviewed with the rest of the dwarven crew to MoRdheim in HERE.

For the record let me just say that I set myself the task of painted metal parts, non-metallic paints. This is the fourth dwarf painted without the use of gold and silver color. 

Bases are Celtic Ruins 20mm squareofScibor.Ready bases were covered with dry pigments of Vallejo, which gavethem the appearance ofthe destroyedruins.

Witam wszystkich zacnych gości.

Wild Hunter? Barbarian? Slayer?

Pozostaję w klimatach krasnoludzkich i idąc za ciosem przedstawiam kolejny model.
Tym razem będzie to Zabójca Trolli. Należący do tego przedziwnego kultu, krasnoludzcy wojownicy…