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Dauði Baldrs // The Death of Baldr // Śmierć Baldra

About Baldr.

When Frigglearned from Odin, what awaitsher beloved son fell into despair. She continued, however, to think, how can protect Baldr woven by fate. In the end, she had an idea.

As the highest goddess, the wife of Odinand Lady of theLife,called before his face every living thing on earth, and all that is dead, rockor metal, and told every plant, every animal, man or god swear thatwill not doharm of Baldr.All creatures with joy made the promise. Even the silent stones joined these assurances.
Frigg face brightened, now she was surethat ensured the safety of his son.

Joyreturnedto Asgard, the godsagainrejoice,feasts, gamesand Skalds performances. Found a whole newfun
CelestialslinedBaldrthe middle of thehallsof the palace, after whichthey threwat himand thenat random-spears, wooden logs, food, stones. But, as promised, none of these thingsBaldrinflictharm. Gods explode with laughter, looking like a flying ax stops in themiddle of the road, freezes, hangs in the air a moment, then f…

SAGA: Jomsvikings // Jomswikingowie

Welcome all visitors!

Today I invite you to journeyto the majestic Jomsborg through the Vikings called men of JomsorJomsvikings.

I think the vast majority of collectors or players do not like the view is not finite figures, a unit or the army. Therefore, I try to finish all your painting projects. 
Now they're at the end of a chapter of the Jomsvikings Saga.

About two months ago I finished Gripping Beast mini depicting Vagn Akesson and model of the mythical commander wanted for some time to finish the adventure of Jomsami. 
However, I held another endless band of warriors, who are just now completes the look of the team.

I invite you to the world of Nordic sagas ...

Around 1000 years ago, on the island of Wolin, lying off the southern coast of the Baltic Sea - in the country Wends (Slavs), was strongly fortified castle called Jomsborg. It was surrounded by ramparts, had a lockable gate sea gates and iron chains. Led to the fortress of stone bridge, and the whole was an impr…

GOSU (Goblin Supremacy) / Revised

Welcome all of visitors!

I just got back fromSeeBloggers, the largestevent forbloggers andonlinewritersin Poland, and I have a head full ofideas andinspiration. But the event itselfnext time.
Today I would liketo return togame reviews"without power" and thateven withoutthe admixture wargaming'u. I do not know whyI abandonedthis idea three years ago and devoured the rest of thefiguresin thepaintinglarge and small.

I decided from time to time publish a review at a more interesting game, which I have, or I played. And horror of horrors will not be playing in miniatures wargaming. so, I invite you!
Witam wszystkich odwiedzających!

Wróciłem właśnie z See Bloggers, największego wydarzenie dla blogerów i twórców internetowych w Polsce, i mam głowę pełną pomysłów oraz inspiracji. Ale o samej imprezie następnym razem.

Dziś chciałbym powrócić do recenzji gier "bez prądu" i to nawet bez tej domieszki wargaming'u. Nie wiedzieć czemu porzuciłem ten pomysł 3 lata temu i pochłon…

Bolt Action: German: Eastern Front 1943-44: Heer Grenadier squad #1

Willkommen Besucher!

Today I return to the World War II climate. 
About horror, last updated my German forces to the Bolt Action system, took place almost a year ago ...
For this reason, the first three grenadiersof the new unit (surrounded by the Panzerschreck team) NCO, LMGand the loader.
Boysusingmy favoritetentszeltbahn withSPINTER camouflage.

Until nowI painted:

Veteran Grenadiers Squad:
Flamethrower Team:
Panzerschreck Team :
Sniper Team:

19th Panzer Division,
Formed an order dated November 1, 1940, after reforming 19th Infantry Division. Initially stationed in Germany, going into the 11 Army.
In June 1941, in preparation for the attack on the USSR incorpo…

Batman Miniature Game: Harley Quinn

... Actually Harleen Quinzel, which recentlydoesfulminantcareer andexperiencinga second youth, thanks to refreshthelatest DC Comics universe 'SuicideSquad' movie.

Before turning toresumethis lady, a few words of themodel.

Harley comes fromBatmanMiniatureGame system,embeddedin the realities ofthe Dark Knight. BelovedJoker, in this version, has a classic costume known from comics and animated film.

Performing thesame modelI wasdesperate! Forsooooo high price received some mismatched parts - so before you buysomething from Batman Miniature Game, open blister, and check Fit the bar flush. After all,I want to buy something else in the future and make friendship with this miniatures game system ....
Oh, the blood also deliberately done in comic book red ;)
And nowwe return to theheroine ofthe entry!

Dr. Harleen Quinzelwasa psychiatristin the hospital of Arkham, which said that every person can makea madman.Harleenisliving proof. Everything started from this, when I first met the Joker and…