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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles : Raphael


Whew, I thought that I will not makethe entry in April. I was a little ill, and the last thing that I had the strength of a painting. Nevertheless, managed to end the month with the second turtle!

This time, Raphael. This ninjaturtle is impulsive, brave and aggressive. Always goes his own way and almost neveragreewith each other. He fights with two sai and wears a red bandanna.

Sai (jap. 釵) otherwise "horn of death", is a Japanese defensive weapon similar to a fork. It consists of a main arm (monouchi) (40-60 cm), the tip of which is hit by the projection (sarcomas), and two lateral arms (yoku) that are much shorter. The tip yoku it Tsune. There is a misconception that the arms have sharpened edges of the side, while the most common is a circular section. Sai also has a head (gashira), which is used for punching blunt. Sai was used by ninjas, and also by the police in Okinawa. Particularly suitable for the precipitation of the opponent's weapon, originally u…

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles : Donatello


Today I invite you to two entries, which are a kindjourney into childhood.

A youth being,with flushed face, watchedanimated adventureof Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Owned,perhaps, also figurines, pajamas and trumpet with tortoise motif :)

Therefore, after some 20-25years later I decidedfor fun to paint a few childhood heroes :) It will be a short break from paintinghistorical miniatures.
In Box set of Greebo Gamespresentedhere.

I invite you and Cowabunga!

Donatello, the "brain" of the group, inventor andengineer. Guided byintelligenceand reason, always thinking before you do something. Purple is thecolor of his bandanas. His weapon is a bō stick.

Bō (jap. 六尺 棒 year-shaku-bo, literally. Stick with a length of 6 shaku) - a long stick, the opposite jō, made of wood or bamboo, less metal, the type of weapon used in martial arts. Shaku unit of length equal to 30.3 cm.

Its length is chosen depending upon the holder, but usually it comes to approx. 180 cm. The stick is ideal for a …

In BoX : Tartalar ( Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) - Greebo Games


A long timethere was no inbox, sotodayunpacks,justget,a packageofGreeboGames.
In principle, itis notthe same history of human lives. And to be able tosay that DwarfCrypt is 90% of the postsofhistorical figurines and 10% for the widerFantasy- what today is 10%fantasy:)

I saw some time ago in ScottSymonds'sGoogle + painted figurines, known from the animated series, movies andrecentlyremake, NinjaTurtles - and fell in love.
Quickly I did order the Italian GreeboGames for two (at the beginning!) Comic book heroes.
The cost of one figure 7.99 Euro. Plus 10Euro shipping (which has been assigned came less than a week!).
Madness? Once in a while you can :)

Dawno nie było żadnego In Boxa, dlatego i dziś rozpakowuje, dopiero co dostaną, paczkę od  Greebo Games.
W myśl zasady, że nie samą historią człowiek żyje. I aby móc mówić że na DwarfCrypt jest 90 % wpisów o figurkach historycznych a 10% o szeroko pojętym fantasy- właśnie dziś to 10% fantasy :)

Zobaczyłem jakiś czas temu u …

Warhammer Ancient Battles: Ancient Rome Commander (revised)

Hail Caesar!

Something tells me that by the end of the month focus on painting individual models, and only from May take up the whole units.In a series of successive already waiting Hoplite, Roman Auxiliary, Thracians, Gauls ...

Today,while theRomancommanderstyled onMaximus (Russell Crowe) fromGladiator movie by Ridley Scott.
Miniatureproduction byWarlord, has painted as true a few years ago, but decided to slightly improve itandmake a newstandwithtuffs, which I am currently using.
Roman got a squarebaseto fitto a unitof the LegionariesVeterans, which also has painted a few years :)

I also thinkof a namefor a dog.PerhapsPyrrhus??:)

"At my signal unleash hell."

Hail Caesar!

Coś mi mówi, że do końca miesiąca skupie się na malowaniu pojedynczych figurek, a dopiero od maja wezmę się za całe oddziały.W szeregu czekają już kolejni Hoplici, rzymscy Auxiliary, Trakowie, Galowie...

Dziś natomiast rzymski dowódca stylizowany na Maximusa (Russel Crowe) z filmu Gladiator Ridleya Scotta.
Figurkę, …

The XV-XVI century Swiss Roadwardens: Captain // XV-XVI wieczni Szwajcarscy Strażnicy Dróg: Kapitan

Hello friends!

AttodayDwarfCrypt's entry - Kanton Uri Team. I had no plans for now to return to this project, but I found this miniature of the captain, which fits like a glove to the guards.
It is true that changed his headgear -from a strange plume on the classic era hut , but I think that came to him for good :)

Uri is a canton of Switzerland, which lies in the central part of the country, in the valley of the Reuss River between Lake Lucerne and St. Pass. Gotthard. It is also one of the three known. forest cantons (Waldstatt, near Schwyz and Unterwalden), which on August 1, 1291. signed the founding act of the Swiss Confederation. Interestingly, the capital of the region is ... Altdor.


Na DwarfCrypt dziś wpis poświęcony ekipie z Kantonu Uri. Nie miałem w planach na razie wracać do tego projektu, jednakże znalazłem ostatnio figurkę kapitana, który jak ulał pasuje do strażników.
Co prawda zmieniłem mu nakrycie głowy - z dziwnego pióropusza na klasyczny kapelusz z epoki, al…