Bolt Action: British Paratroopers: Arnhem Veterans

W dzisiejszym poście, wspominany oddział spadochroniarzy. Tym razem to weterani walk w Arnhem. Ranni, zmęczeni, ze zdobyczną niemiecką bronią, ale  waleczni i nieugięci!
Zapraszam także do innych wpisów odnośnie Brytyjskich Spadochroniarzy oraz systemu Bolt Action.

In today's post mentioned unit of paratroopers. This time veterans of the fighting in Arnhem. The wounded, tired, with captured German weapons, but brave and steadfast!

I invite you also to other entries relating to British Paratroopers and the Bolt Action system. 

 " We'd like to, but we can't accept your surrender! Was there anything else? "


  1. Excellent veterans of a "Bridge Too Far" - Now where's the Poles?

  2. Fantastic miniatures as usual Michal I have really enjoyed this series of miniatures
    My wife's grandfather was one of the paras at Arnhem he was one of the many.

    1. WoooW , so this post is dedicated for him! Thank You Stephen.

  3. Bardzo dobrze wygląda cała seria twoich spadochroniarzy. Brawo Michał :)

  4. Very nice work on the miniatures. And also one of my favorite scenes from the movie. :)

  5. once again fantastic paint job mate!


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