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[EN/PL] Averland. Part III: The Captain (and the road sign) / Kapitan (i znak drogowy)

Hello to you!
I am currently continuing the construction cycle of my Averland band and add the captain of this yellow-black team.
I took the Landsknecht model from Warlord Games again, adding to it the Empire soldier head from Games Workshop.

As a bonus I will add a hand-made road sign with very special tablets;)
I used some bits from GW, and skulls and corpses are a gift from Rotten Factory.
I invite you to watch!

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Averland. Part II: The BergjaegerAverland. Part I: Von Kragsburg Guards #1 / Straż Von Kragsburga #1
"The Averlanders are not so bad for people, they have a hard character, they stick to the word and they do not mess with their nose like the Reiklanders, they brew the best beer in the south! It's not as tasty as ours, but at least it can be swallowed!" - dwarf merchant.
The Captain of a mercenary warband is typically a middleaged veteran soldier of the Imperial army, most likely he was a sergeant or other petty officer. 
The survival of a mercenary warb…

[EN/PL] Battle over the Water / Bitwa nad Wodą ( SABRE Miniatures Halfling Archers)

Hello everyone!
I invite you to the first review of a set of models that I received from Samuel from SABRE Miniatures. today.
The Spanish company specializes in the production and sale of 28 mm resin half-size models (there are more nations in the pre-production!) stylized in the Middle Ages, and more specifically the Hundred Years War between England and France.

The models look very good and preparing them for painting does not require a lot of time.
In the ever expanding range of SABRE Miniatures we have various infantry formations of halflings and a fantastic cavalry of a small people on ... donkeys :)

Check it yourself:
And as part of the storytelling, I invite you to read the text on the second theme (the first Battle on the Green Fields) of the most important battle of Tolkien's hobbits, the Battle over the Water.

      The battle took place on November 3, 3019 TA (Third Age) in the Shire area. It was the last b…

[EN/PL] The Orcs continued! / O orkach ciąg dalszy! (Warmonger Miniatures Orc #2)

Good morning!
Today is the weekend and I am inviting for a new entry on DwarfCrypt! It will be green and in the climate of my favorite oldhammer (and middlehammer, for which my greatest expansion into Warhammer was).
       Recently, my long-awaited package from Warmonger Miniatures, in which there were a few orcs, to my emerging band of green brutes. And in this enthusiasm I painted one of them. I added excellent shields from Rotten Factory to the original model (and the previous orc).
I cordially invite you!

Orcs dont establish kingdoms or states as people do. Still, there are lands that are under total control of the Orcs or their smaller cousins - the Goblins. Most Orcs distinguish between two types of land: "green" and "other pieces".
        The more ambitious warlords see the world more accurately: "my green", "green what will be my" and "other pieces".

Orcs and Goblins are the most numerous in the Badlands. There are also other areas…

[EN/PL] Mother Holle (Frau Holle) - The Germanic Goddess of Death and Renewal, Weaver of Fate and Fortune / Holle - Germańska Bogini Śmierci i Odrodzenia, Tkaczka Losu i Fortuny (Northumbrian Tin Soldier The Beardfolk #3)

Hello to you!
Today I return to the Beardfolks models received from David from Northumbrian Tin Soldier. For painting, I chose one of the more armored figures from those painted so far, depicting the dwarven commanding officer, queen or high-born.

I recommend you visit:
Northumbrian Tin Soldier FB do not know why but for the first time when I saw this model in the raw state I associated with the image of one of the Germanic goddesses (yes, I am a great admirer of Germanic and Nordic mythology) about which I would like to tell my Honorable Visitors today.
I cordially invite you!

I think that many people may know Mother Holle (Frau Holle from German) from the fairy tale of the Grimm bros.
She is an old woman living in the world at the bottom of a well. It is said that anyone who enters her kingdom will be rewarded with exactly what he deserves, whether it is good or bad.

        Interestingly, Mother Holle is actually a very old Goddess. Its roots are so…

[EN/PL] Averland. Part II: The Bergjaeger

"Beware of the merchants there, avoid the nobility and never trust their women."- Ivich Karamazov, Captain of the Mercenaries
Hello everyone!
I am continuing today the entry dedicated to the Averland band from last week. This time, the first part of the history of this Empire province and the characteristics of the main characters - Bergjaeger.
I invite you!

Averland. The Land. Part I.
Averland lies in the south of the Empire, between the rivers Aver and Upper Reik and borders upon the Black Mountains and the huge range that is the Worlds Edge Mountains. It’s a prosperous province, though it’s neither one of the largest or most influential in the Empire. 
       Averland is a fertile land irrigated by annual floods of large rivers surrounding it. It happens that too large floods flood the settlements and cities located along their banks.
The Black Mountains and the World Edge Mountains harbour plenty of mines, many are in Dwarf possession. The metal ore is sold at a good profit in Av…