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[EN/PL] Back to the Mordor / Powrót do Mordoru (Orcs #1)

Oh my ... For the last time I promised in my blog that I would paint something of the Mordor orcs in ... 2016.
A lot of time, but I keep my word ;-)

       In the meantime I painted some Dwarves from the Durins folk, elves from the Mirkwood , Hobbits and Uruk-hai. The time has come for the next common orcs that were full from the first era in the history of the world to the War of the Ring (of only the living Galadriel of the Noldors remembers such distant times - Elrond is a bit younger.
Well, maybe Tom Bombadil, if you believe what he says that he lived much earlier than the first elves).

       I have no plans for the great army of Mordor, I will limit myself to one or two units of orcs subordinate to Sauron, with the emblem of the Red Eye.
And I will use old, good (let's say acceptable) GW orcs from 20 years ago. The sculpture of these plastics is quite coarse, but with a bit of desire you can create pretty neat paintings from them :)

        In addition to models of the ty…

[EN/PL] About Dwarves in Norse Mythology / O krasnoludach w mitologii nordyckiej (Mattes Miniatures #1)

I warmly welcome!
I invite you to a hike to the cold north with fresh models from my friend from Mattes Miniatures today.
The excellent Kickstarter has recently ended, where you could support, among others, dwarves. I have the undoubted pleasure to present you the first two of three bearded guys.

The models are made of high quality resin;They consist of a body and separate hands;They have phenomenal and beautiful details;All these flavors - crow, shields, beer mug...Viking climate.These and other models can be purchased at promotional prices at: Into the Abyss

I highly recommend! Quality and climate are amazing!
In the next entry, admission to a Norsca Dwarfs band!

And now...
Dwarf (Old Norse dvergr, Old English dweorg, Old High German twerg, Proto-Germanic dwergaz) is a certain kind of invisible being in the pre-Christian mythology and religion of the Norse and other Germanic peoples.
No one really knows what the word “dwarf” and its cognates originally meant, but there’s n…

[EN/PL] Chaos Dwarfs (Dawi-Zharr). Ancestry #1 / Krasnoludy Chaosu. Pochodzenie #1 (Norba Miniatures)

Hello everyone during the plague!
I hope that all of you my dears, despite the ubiquitous virus you have no reason to worry.

Today another set from Norba Miniatures
A very nice set of Chaos Dwarfs from Immortal unit. I wondered for a long time how I knew these helmets worn before short-legged people, until the glare came to me!

300. Persians. Immortals. I like this reference very much!

the unit consists of 10 plastic warriors (including a command group) and 10 20mm bases;they refer to the classic (5 ed and above) Chaos Dwarf models;figurines have some traps and dividing lines that must be cleaned before painting;model scale is heroic 28mm;
And some history.

I. The Ancestry of the Chaos Dwarfs.
In the wilderness called the plain of Zharr, the dwarfs erected the huge fortress of Karak Vlag, from which expeditions continually set out to explore the great wealth of the Weeping Mountains, ignoring the gloomy peaks of volcanoes that covered the entire land with smoke.
No one guessed t…

[EN/PL] Republic of Genoa / Repubblica di Genova / Republika Genui #2 : Sergeant / Sierżant (OT47 Men at Arms Pack 2 #1)

Return to beautiful Genoa today! I painted another model for mercenary troops and this time it will be to the sergeant, which I used to create one of the models from Claymore Castings from the knights OT47 Men at Arms Pack 2 set.

       In my opinion, the figurine fits perfectly to previously painted transom as an officer or commander.
On the shield (Pavies) once again brilliant, dedicated, stickers from Little Big Men.

==> Part I <==

Witam serdecznie!
Dziś powrót do pięknej Genui! Pomalowałem kolejny model do oddziały najemników i tym razem będzie do sierżant, do stworzenia którego posłużył mi jeden z modeli od Claymore Castings z zestawu rycerzy OT47 Men at Arms Pack 2.

       Figurka moim zdaniem doskonale pasuję do poprzednio pomalowanych pawężników w charakterze oficera lub dowódcy.
Na tarczy (Pawęży) po raz kolejny genialne, dedykowane, naklejki od Little Big Men.

==> Część I <===

[EN/PL] Norba Miniatures: Imperium: Doppelsöldner #1

Hello everyone!
I invite you at first glance to models from Norba Miniatures today!
Recently, I got a large package from the manufacturer with models for various factions / armies / races and as the first I present a unit of Imperial Doppelsöldner, which is so well-known and liked by name for WFB players - Greatswords.

the unit consists of 10 plastic knights (including command group) and 10 20mm /20mm basesa beautiful banner is attached;they relate to historical Landsknechts;figurines have some traps and dividing lines that must be cleaned before painting;model scale is v. heroic 28mm;

Doppelsöldner unit is a product designed primarily for players of 9th Age, various WFB editions, as an alternative and supplement for the army of the Empire and other battlefield players.
Interesting designs and a relatively small price will allow to complete the army in a relatively short time.
That's why I think it's a very good solution for players.
Collectors, on the other h…