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[EN/PL] The first folk crusade. Part IV. Expedition of Peter the Hermit and Walter without Property (1096) / I Wprawa ludowa. Część IV. Wyprawa Piotra Pustelnika i Waltera bez Mienia (1096r.) [V&V Miniatures: Pilgrims 1 set #2]

I invite you today for the fourth entry related to the folk expedition that preceded the First Crusade.
The entries received from V&V Miniatures - the next two from the set "Pilgrims"

That's why I love models V&V Miniatures (I painted a V&V Viking a few years ago and Pilgrims 2 box):
excellent quality of details (probably the best on the market in historical models made in resin in 28 mm),interesting poses that are certainly not boring.Miniatures can act as Pilgrims, Monks, poor brothers, beggars ... and they can be used in many battle wargames.
For some time I leave my brothers' painting for ...Crusader knights :)

If you dont know V&V Miniatures yet, check:

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The road to Con…

[EN/PL] Amon Hen: Uruk-hai #1 (Warhead Studio Ancient Hands #1)

I greet you warmly!

I come back to the work of J.R.R. Tolkien in the form of orcs today! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, as Saruman used to say, "The Orc era has come!"

        The more important reason, however, was my shame. I've bought a group of Uruk-hai scouts, a good year ago, that would be nice to paint and join the forces of evil.
       I decided to make a mini project divided into 3 parts with orcs from Isengard under the name Amon Hen, which is the place of the Battle of the Followship of the Ring with the orc unit. The place of Boromir's death and kidnapping of the hobbits...

To today's entry I have also added two elements of the wargaming terrain from Warhead Studio, which perfectly fit me to the ruins of the former watchtower of Gondor guarding the northern extremities of this land.

I encourage you to take a look at this manufacturer's offer. It has many great elements of terrain and bases: Studio FB

Amon Hen. Part I. Uruk-…

[EN/PL] Smelly thing, or death in the toilet / Śmierdząca sprawa, czyli śmierć w toalecie ( Grabblecast Medieval Toilet)

I greet you in the humble DwarfCrypt abode!
It's a smelly thing today and some dirt and shit will spill out. Ha! No, I'm not talking about the Polish miniatures blogosphere, and I invite you to watch the new wargaming terrain and read about a historical unfortunate who made his life in ... the toilet.

Presented today resin toilet comes from the offer of my friends from Grabblecast, who were so nice and sent some of their new products.

Price and photos of raw state ---> HERE <----

A few photos already live on various social media and I know that you like it as an addition to the battle tables for Mordheim, Frostgrave and other skirmishes.


A few words about Henri de Valois (Henry III of France).
The first Polish elected king, after the infamous escape from his new homeland to his native land, had to struggle with many internal problems. Paris and all o…

[EN/PL] Athens at war! / Ateny na wojnie! (Mortal Gods: Athenian Lochos - Box Set)

It's time to look at the next set recently received from FOOTSORE Miniatures & Games and this is:
Athenian Lochos - Box Set.As it happens on DwarfCrypt, I also painted one of the models that is part of the box and it will be a lightly armed hoplite (Peripolos).
Below is also a handful of basic information about the conflict between Athens and Sparta.

I also invite you to:
The official system group: system group: Gods core box set inboxing 
Athens at war. Peloponnesian war. Part I

After the Persian wars, the situation in Hellas was very tense, and any careless and hasty operation of any of the policies could be a pretext for starting warfare.
It was influenced by the rise of the two main strengths of Athens and Sparta.
       Until the outbreak of the war between these forces contributed a minor conflict between Korkyra (today's Corfu) and Corinth regarding the internal …