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[EN/PL] Northern Crusades. Latrunculi / Struters (knights - brigands). Teutonic Order #4 / Krucjaty Północne. Struterowie (rycerze rozbójnicy) Krzyżacy #4 (Fireforge Games)


I invite you to the second post (and the fourth about the Teutonic Knights) about knights-robbers serving the Teutonic Order.

For this project I used models from the from Fireforge Games:
Foot SergeantsAs I mentioned in a previous post about this formation - Struters / Latrunculi were in the thirteenth century at the service of the Teutonic Order during the Northern Crusades and the wars of the Teutonic Knights with Prussia and Lithuanians.

       White coats were only allowed to be worn by brothers-knights and chaplains (including priests and clerics). The servants' brothers had to be satisfied with gray cloaks and shields (with a specific cross).
As my robbers, of which more below, are not servant brothers, but more mercenaries in the service of the Order, their dress is not orthodox, and only shields show who they are fighting for.

       When in 1260 the Prussian tribes rebelled against the Order's authorities, the Struters had their hands full. The Prussians were pagan…

[EN/PL] Mordheim: Witch Hunters. Finished band! / Łowcy Czarownic. Skończona banda!

Hello everyone!
The moment has come, expected for over 3 years! I finished another band!
It is true that about 15 years ago I painted the Witch Hunters band (and even with more interesting models), but there was no trace of them left, and they would now only be suitable for washing.

        That is why I happily welcome again, in my opinion, the most atmospheric of all Mordheim's bands. That's the quintessence of this game. Who didn't want to play the role of a witch hunter playing RPGs? And commanding the whole unit sounded even better!

Today, the last two flagellants (including the climate halfling from Westfalia Miniatures) and photos of the whole band. I invite you!

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The Order of the Templars of Sigmar, universally known as the Witch Hunters, is an organisation
dedicated to the eradication of heretics, be they warlocks,…