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[EN/PL] Nyarlathotep, Dark Emissary / Mroczny Emisariusz

"- a tall, lean man of dead black colouration but without the slightest sign of negroid features: wholly devoid of either hair or beard, and wearing as his only garment a shapeless robe of some heavy black fabric. His feet were indistinguishable because of the table and bench, but he must have been shod, since there was a clicking whenever he changed position. The man did not speak, and bore no trace of expression on his small, regular features. He merely pointed to a book of prodigious size which lay open on the table..."
- H.P. Lovecraft "The Dreams in the Witch-House"
Hello everybody! Today, it is full of terror and madness. One of my favorite horror writer,the master from Providence, H.P. Lovecraft, the creator of the so-called Cthulhu mythology. It is also one of the forerunners of science fiction. He has had a huge impact on literature, film and even music. Characters from stories about Cthulhu have come into pop culture every day.

       And this gentlemen, thro…

[EN/PL] C.L. Werner "Witch Finder".. and the new miniatures! / "Tropiciel Czarownic" ... i nowe figurki! (Witch Hunters Zealots #1)

Hello everyone!
Today, I invite you to a review of the book combined with the presentation of new models to my Witch Hunter band.
I will start with models that I will admit I've been waiting for a year to paint. Long, but I think it was worth so much to wait. Painting these old designs for the Mordheim game is pure pleasure.
Forbidden faces, great additions in the form of bishops 'puppets, fish and tablets, on which I wrote two of deadly sins (probably the heroes of today's entry try to atone for the offenses at the side of the Witch Hunters and save some of their immortal souls!) Add a unique charm.

I will add that it will not be the end of models for this band of characters. In the future there will be another witch hunter and a few flagellates and zealots. But about this, another time ...

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Now, the main reason I took for further painting of the Witch H…

[EN/PL] A dwarf in a merchant's store? / Krasnolud w składzie kupieckim? (Warmonger Swashbuckler Dwarf & Grabblecast Merchant cargo set)

Hello everyone!
Today I invite you to the review and painting effects of the fourth model from Warmonger Miniatures from the Swashbuckler Dwarves category  and the first set received from Grabblecast. At the beginning, it is a brilliant Merchant cargo set

I will start with a bearded gentleman named Trygve, which is made of white metal and refers to classic fantasy figures and the historical period of the 16th century avant-humorism in England (Swashbuckler). A swashbuckler is a heroic archetype in European adventure literature that is typified by the use of a sword, acrobatics and chivalric ideals. The archetype also became common as a film genre. I must admit that I really like this series, carved by ex-Citadel people, and it will not be my last dwarf in this style.
Perfectly fit into the army / bands of dwarves and people.

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The second component of today'…

[EN/PL] Snori, the Troll Slayer! / Snori, Zabójca Trolli! (Alien Lab Creator Dwarf Kingdom Square Base 50mm)

Hello to all of you cordially next weekend!
I was telling and painting a few historical figurines recently, which is why today something fantasy for a change. Fantasy in the spirit of good oldhammer.
The main inspiration for today's entry was the dwarf base that I got from Jacek from Alien Lab CreatorThe resin base or element of the terrain (to which I will use it for now) presents the shadow of dwarven power and wealth, which is now a ruined statue of one of the dwarven king. The element described today, as well as the previous two statues look very nice and are made with the utmost attention to detail. Your battle tables and dioramas will surely enrich you. They also perfectly fit as a base under one of many war machines.

And now a few words about the hero of today's entry - Troll Slayer, whom I just painted. The model has nearly as many years as me, which is why I love its curvature and irregularity even more.
Dwarfs are a noble and proud race that is extremely difficult to d…