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[ENG/PL] Burn the Witch! (MoRdheim: Witch Hunter #2) / Spalić wiedźmę! (MoRdheim: Łowca Czarownic #2)

Hello everyone!

Today I invite you to meet another witch hunter whom I had the opportunity to paint. I must admit that the model waited on its turn for well over half a year.

During this time he waited calmly watching the next entries on historical topics, and heresy was growing in strength and the dark forces were clutching their claws more and more ...

The mini is a classic pattern available for the first time about 18 years ago, on the occasion of the exit of MoRdheim game, an excellent and dripping climate. Finding the original designs is a miracle today, and then the cost is insane. I bought my model with a certain lack, which I had to play with green stuff - I will not say where, you can see this curvature at first glance :)

I invite you to the photos of the finished model and to all Witch Hunters in my collection.

Witch Hunters in the Old World.

Witch Hunters are grim, cold individuals who have dedicated their life to the eradication of corruption wherever it may be. There are many t…

[ENG/PL] The Hammer of Sauron / Młot Saurona (Rotten Factory Demon Warrior Nr.4)

Hello everyone!

It is true that the vast majority of my entries are about characters and units known from the history of the military world, but from time to time I like to return to painting fantasy figures.
So it is this time, and thanks to Rotten Factory I am pleased to present another model from this unique manufacturer.

The company designing and producing high quality miniatures for players, collectors and painters. The main goal is to produce models with a focus on quality and specific climate.
Today's model, according to the information from the manufacturer, is DEMON WARRIOR NR.4

The main features of the model:

Made of excellent quality resin,Height 32 mm,It consists of two parts (body + shield),Can represent Chaos Warrior, Demon, cultist, Ogre, or greenskin orc,No base
I decided to paint my model in reference to Oldhammer times, with an emphasis on fun in the form of chessboard and NMM. It will look great in my emerging army of darkness servants for games like Lotr, Dragon Rampa…

[ENG/PL] Two brothers who... conquered Britain. History of Hengist and Horsa / O dwóch takich co... podbili Brytanię. Historia Hengista i Horsa (Footsore Miniatures)

Good morning in the first post in 2018!

I am starting a new year of blogging with two brothers, Hengist and Horsa, whom you can find in the offer of one of my favorite producers Footsore Miniatures.
Two of the legendary Saxon heroes will be perfect for my collection as well as on the battlefield in SAGA or Lion Rampantgames.

Figures, it seems to me that they came out quite well. I would not be myself if I did not try to paint the "freehand" motif on my shield. You can see the effects below.
I also took pictures of previously painted early Saxons and models that are still waiting for painting.
I invite you :)

Hengist and Horsa are legendary brothers said to have led the Angles, Saxons and Jutes in their invasion of Britain in the 5th century. Tradition lists Hengist as the first of the Jutish kings of Kent.

       According to early sources, Hengist and Horsa arrived in Britain at Ebbsfleet on the Isle of Thanet. For a time, they served as mercenaries for Vortigern, King of the Brit…