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[ENG/PL] On the edge of the Roman Empire / Na obrzeżach Imperium (Victrix Ltd Early Imperial Roman Auxiliaries)

During the reduced pace of world conquest by Rome, was developed new defensive tactics fixed boundaries. Auxiliaries were patrolling their borders and fighting local outbreaks of rebellion. Only when the situation became more serious for the game went stationed in the provinces, Roman legions ...

Hello everyone!

After the recent "inbox" of the Imperial Roman Auxiliaries from Victrix Ltd I invite you to delve into the subject of auxiliary units in the early Roman Empire.
Today I used the Victrix Ltd models available under this link.
I admit that painting them was a great pleasure and the details (which I mentioned in the REVIEW of the set) are proof of the entry of historical models to a higher level.

It is also worth mentioning that Victrix Ltd has introduced an interesting novelty to the Auxiliaries, namely the skin wolf for ordinary soldiers - which is not a groundless idea as it has a column of Emperor Trajan (see below). I liked it so much that I decided to present my models …

[ENG/PL] Recuperanda est patria! / Nie złotem, lecz żelazem odkupimy ojczyznę! (Victrix Ltd Early Imperial Roman Auxiliaries inbox)

Hello my friends!
From the last entry of the ancient Romans is passing the year. It's been a long time, and in DwarfCrypt you could watch and read many posts about other interesting historical times.
Today, courtesy of Victrix Limited, I am returning to one of my favorite periods in the history of the world and reviewing the Early Imperial Roman Auxiliaries, the supported forces of the early Roman Empire.

       My review set consists of two frames with figurines, of which I made (photos below) 6 soldiers, including Centurion, Music (Cornicern) and Bannerer (Signifer).
To also not be gray and sad, one of the Romans I have already painted.

Finished trio-->

Witam wszystkich serdecznie!
Od ostatniego wpisu na temat starożytnych Rzymian mija równo rok. To długi okres, ale i na łamach DwarfCrypt mogliście Szanowni oglądać i czytać wiele wpisów traktujących o innych równie ciekawych czasach historycznych. Dziś, dzięki u…