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[EN/PL] Again about Hobbits and the Battle of the Green Fields / Dalej o hobbitach i o Bitwie na Zielonych Polach (Westfalia Halfmen Peasant Militia 1)

Hello everyone!
Today I invite you to the entry devoted to halflings, which quite often host in the pages of DwarfCrypt.
I received models from  WestFalia  and are made of resin and consist of one part. 
Halfmen militia received round stands, as did the previous one in the company - Captain Strong.

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And now...

The Battle of Green Fields was a clash /in 2747 on the Third Age at the Green Fields, between the Orcs commanded by Golfimbula, who during the Lean Years led his band southward and reached the North Shire Quarters.

        Hobbits were commanded by Bandobras Tuk. Hobbit was known for its exceptionally large height, as it measured 4.5 feet. Thanks to this he could ride a horse, which was unheard of for the Hobbits - those who preferred ponies.
Many of his descendants lived in North Quarter. They initiated the Tuk family from the North.
For Bilba Baggins - hero o…

[EN/PL] Björn Ironside. An untold story / Björn Żelaznoboki. Historia prawdziwa (Stronghold-Terrain)

Today I come back to the theme of the Vikings, breaking the next figure. Some time ago I presented you the true story of Halfdan the Black, and today I invite you to the saga about Björn Ragnarsson.

Although I like the character of the viking created by the actor Alexander Ludwig in the Vikings series, I have to say with a heartache that about 90% of it is a figment of writers.
The fate of the real Björn (if we can believe sagas and stories) looked completely different...

Today's sponsorship is Stronghold-Terrain, which has many excellent original figures, including Björn Ragnarsson, described today.
The model is made of white metal and is modeled on the 4-5 season from the Vikings series. The miniature consists of three parts: bodies, hands with ax and shield.
And I think it's sweeping!

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And now...
Björn Ironside was a legendary king of Sweden who lived sometime in the 9th century. Viking is said to have been the first ruler of the Munsö dynasty…

[EN/PL] Dogs of War: A story of captain Strong / Opowieść o kapitanie Alfredzie Strongu (WestFalia captain Strong miniature)

Hello everyone!
Today I invite you to the entry dedicated to a soldier who will lead my company of mercenaries and dogs of war.
The model, obtained from WestFalia looks great. It is made of resin and consists of two parts (body + hand with a sword).
Captain Strong received a round stand and blue-red colors, which I would like to keep in the entire company.

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And now...

"My name is Alfred Strong, I still remember the time when my life was happy, I had a home, a wife and two children, I worked hard, but I had someone to live with and enjoy, I did not bother anyone and I was not looking for anyone. Like from a beautiful tale...

       And this memorable autumn, when soldiers with wolf and bearskins stood by my house, shouting blasphemous words praising the dark Gods, the end of a beautiful dream came to an end.
I still remember the pain of strokes, the screams of my…