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[ENG/PL] The thing about Centurions / Rzecz o Centurionach (Victrix Ltd Early Imperial Roman Auxiliaries)

"He had forty-five scars on the body, all at the front, but no one behind"
- Plinius, Natural History, 7.101

Good morning!
It is true that today there was to be another entry related to the Victrix models, however, painting the Auxiliaries kit goes very smoothly, and I think it's nice, that's why I want to introduce you today to the Centurion function in ancient Rome.
Of course, the model comes from Victrix Ltd and was one of the possible commanders of the Auxiliaries box. In my humble opinion, the figures from this set beat every competition.
The performance, as I mentioned in "in box", is masterful.

Centurion, from Latin. Centurio was a lower officer in ancient Rome, the commander of centurias - the smallest tactical unit of a legion, or a centurion, because at first centuria was 100 soldiers (later much less).
        In the time of the republic centurions were chosen by soldiers themselves, and during the empire he was appointed by the legate. Centurions most …

[ENG/PL] World War I and Polish Legions / I wojna Światowa a Legiony Polskie (GreenMiniatures World War One / Pierwsza Wojna Światowa)

Welcome my friends!
Today on DwarfCrypt a double novelty - a scale of peer-reviewed and painted figures that I have never seen before, and a historical period.
All thanks to Marcin from GreenMiniatures, who is one of the sculptors and originators of the battle system, which takes place during the First World War.
The scale of miniatures is 1:72 (20 mm) and the material is metal and to a lesser extent single resin models.

GreenMiniatures aims to popularize history using strategic games based on 20mm figures.
All models are hand-sculpt. In contrast to those produced using 3D technology, they have their own unique charm and strength.
I will write about the rules and gameplay after testing the system in future, focusing today on what big boys like the most, ie figurines.

An English Rulebook of World War One for free download will be prepared and will be available soon. Check download section

I received a few examples of models available so far for the parties to the conflict (Russian Empire, Germ…

[ENG/PL] Theokoles, Shadow of Death / Theokoles, Cień Śmierci (Rotten Factory NROR model)

Hello everyone!

DwarfCrypt strives to cooperate, review and enjoy painting unique models, which, whether it's a sculpture or historical compatibility and an idea for its presentation delights.

That's why I am introducing you to Rotten Factory.
The company designing and producing high quality miniatures for players, collectors and painters. The main goal is to produce models with a focus on quality and specific climate.
What is more, Rotten Factory also deals with sculpting miniatures and making conceptarts.
Thanks to the Paweł's kindness, the main originator and sculptor, I present the first of the models, which I have a great pleasure to paint

The main features of the NROR model:

Made of excellent quality resin,Height 32 mm,It consists of two parts (body + hand with a sword),No base

All who regularly visit DwarfCrypt blog know that I would not be myself if I did not enrich the entry with history. The first impression that came to my mind after opening the blister with a figurine …

[ENG/PL] The story of Ná Fianna / Historia wojowników Fianna (Footsore Miniatures Irish Fianna with Axes #1)

Good morning!

The old-Irish atmosphere will probably be hosted on DwarfCrypt. The main reason for this is the beautiful miniatures I have the pleasure to paint and the extraordinary stories that I read about the Green Island in the early Middle Ages.

Today, the first two models of Fianna's unit, and what was this strangely-sounding non-Irish warrior group you will find from the article below.
Figures come from FOOTSORE MINIATURES from their line of miniatures from the early medieval period of Ireland. I hope you like it!.

To help with this entry, I asked an Irishman, history and miniatures lover. What was Fianna? I invite you to journey with Ronan Duggan into the world of history, interspersed with myths, to the mighty and brave Ireland!
 From the Dark Ages of tumultuous Irish History, before the Normans held dominion over much of the land, there existed on the Island of Ireland an order of warrior poets known as Ná Fianna, which roughly translates as "the wilderness/ wild ones&qu…